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    Top 10 Best OFFLINE RPG Games (Android and iOS)

    These are the best offline RPG games that were released for mobile in 2016. The overwhelming majority are paid, proving that the genre appeals to audiences who enjoy a premium, uninterrupted experience. Perfect for enjoying a great story, the games in this top 10 are not just “hobby”, they are incredible experiences that will be marked in the memory of players.

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    10 – The World 3 Rise of Demon (Grátis)

    In The World 3 Rise of Demon the player can choose between Warrior and Mage. It's up to you to choose between magic or brute force to face hordes of enemies in the different missions spread throughout the game. We have 4 slots available for character creation and for now there are only 2 playable classes.

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    9 – Ys Chronicles II (PAGO)

    Ys Chronicles II is the remaster of Ys II. Originally released on PC, the second episode continues the Adol Christin saga. It's a game directly related to Ys 1. So it's no use playing just this one and thinking you'll understand the story.

    The great merit of the franchise is the perfect marriage between the first and second game, Ys 2 starts exactly after the events of the first game. Ys 2 has a dated look, but it's pure nostalgia for those who like retro games. Combat is in real time.

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    8 – Aralon: Forge and Flame (Grátis)

    Aralon: Forge and Flame is the second game in the RPG game franchise, focusing on action and large 3D scenarios. The game is very reminiscent of PC titles like The Witcher and Skyrim. However, dear reader, lower your expectations a little, because remember that we are talking about a mobile game.

    Aralon: Forge and Flame surprises with large maps, lots of content to explore and a free version that can be played offline.

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    7 – The Mini Titans – Teen Titans Go (PAID)

    Os Mini Titãs is an RPG game in Spanish with turn-based combat that brings the characters from the cartoon “The Young Titans in action” to cell phones.

    Quite amusing, the game borrows all the irreverence of the cartoon. In the history of this RPG, a new craze dominates the city, collecting dolls. The teen titans will also join in the fun. Full of events and quests, The Mini Titans has a simple challenge, but an entire city to explore.

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    6 – Titan Quest (PAID)

    Still on the subject of titans, the mobile version of Titan Quest was released on cell phones. In this adventure with beautiful graphics, the gods of Olympus require jobs from mortals so that they can defeat the titans.

    Titan Quest has hack'slash gameplay with a colossal campaign spanning over 60 hours. For a console, it may seem like something common, but on mobile, it's one of the few games with such a long campaign. The “investment” is worth it.

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    5 – Adventures of Mana (PAGO)

    Adventures of Mana is the 3D remake of Final Fantasy Adventure, a game released for Game Boy and which, despite its name, is actually from the Mana series.

    Originally conceived for Playstation Vita, Adventures of Mana arrived in English on Android and iOS. The game's story takes place before Secret of Mana (SNES). In command of a hero, the player must prevent the Dark Lord from destroying the Mana tree. The game has real-time combat.

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    4 – Jade Empire: Special Edition (PAGO)

    Authored by the ever-talented Bioware, Jade Empire: Special Edition is a faithful port of the game originally released for PC and Xbox. Set in ancient China, the player creates a character and lives great adventures, while mastering his Kung Fu.

    This is an offline RPG with a lot of content and fun for its combats and story. Sensational graphics and a campaign lasting over 40 hours.

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    3 – Final Fantasy VII (PAID)

    The conversion of Final Fantasy VII arrived on iOS in 2015 and on Android in 2016. A game that needs no introduction. Final Fantasy VII marks a milestone in RPG history as the first big-budget, non-gaming media title.

    The classic is not only a hit with the public, but with critics as well. In this well-known adventure, we help Cloud and his friends bury Shinra's evil plans, as well as deal with the fearsome Sephiroth's psychopathy.

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    2 – The Banner Saga 2 (PAGO)

    The Banner Saga 2 arrived at about the same time on PC and mobile. The RPG game with tactical combat follows the successful game released in 2014.

    With incredible animations and a dense story that mixes fiction and Norse mythology, The Banner Saga 2 is a game of slow development, but that surprises for the production choices. There are two parallel stories to follow. Combat is brilliantly engineered.

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    And the best offline RPG of 2016 is…

    1 – Final Fantasy IX (PAGO)

    Yes, it is absurdly expensive, but I can't help but recommend Final Fantasy IX in the first position. Considered by many to be the best game of the entire franchise, Final Fantasy IX is a rescue to the classic standards of the series, escaping a little from futuristic themes.

    Like any good adventure, Final Fantasy IX's script is full of mismatches, surprises and goodbyes. A touching game, which in addition to a great story, but also has direct gameplay. The mobile version brings some facilities for those who are going to play in the middle of the street, such as auto-save and speed boost.

    The mobile version of Final Fantasy IX has been remastered and features HD CGs and anti-aliasing filters that ensure a much cleaner look than the original Playstation One version. The game's menus and interface have also received improvements to suit touch controls.

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