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    Top 10 Best Mobile Games – May 2021

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    Here is a list with the best games for phones and tablets launched in May of 2021. May was a month with few major releases on Android, but on the other hand, iOS showed its value, with great exclusive games. Check out.


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    Fantasian is an amazing RPG developed by the creator of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi, and with a soundtrack by the mythical Nobuo Uematsu. The game draws attention to the unique style of the scenarios. Real 3D digitized mockups were used for the game.

    The result is a very different artistic appeal than usual. The combats are in turns with random encounters, but the player can “stack” these combats.

    A sensational game! The only problem? It is exclusive to Apple Arcade.

    Fantasia na App Store (iOS).


    Self-sufficiency 1

    Samorost 1 is the lost episode of a gnome's fantastic journey through the cosmos.

    The Amanita Design franchise started on Android with the third game and went the other way around.

    Samorost is a point and click adventure game, the player needs to tap on various points on the screen to find out how to proceed. At the same time, you develop the story and solve puzzles.

    Samorost 1 na App Store (iOS).

    Samorost 1 on Google Play (ANDROID).


    My Hero Academy: The Strongest Hero

    One of the big releases of the month of May was My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero. The anime game was announced by surprise in the west and arrived in the same month.

    A title with a lot of action that will make the head of anime fans.

    My Hero Academia na App Store (iOS).

    My Hero Academia na Google Play (ANDROID).


    Against Returns

    A classic that had been given up for "dead", just like several other Chinese games that we thought would never make it to the west. But Contra Returns arrived by surprise in early access.

    The game was released here by Tencent Games itself (now called Proxima Beta). The game's original release was in 2017 in China.

    Contra Returns is a platform game with short scenarios and many references to the classic Contra. The game pleases old players with a lot of nostalgia, but it also pleases new players with a lot of casual action. A good arcade to pass the time.

    Against Returns on the App Store (iOS).

    Contra Returns na Google Play (ANDROID).


    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered

    Another Classic game that was released on mobile was Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered. The game remained for many years as a Nintendo Game Cube exclusive and was released on Android in a remastered format. The game had already been released on iOS last year.

    A great offline RPG, but unfortunately it suffers from Square Enix's price problem. But you can play the first 13 dungeons for free.

    Crystal Chronicles na App Store (iOS).

    Crystal Chronicles na Google Play (ANDROID).


    Metal Revolution

    Metal Revolution is a Tencent game released in Spain by Youzu. The game is already in its second early access and it seems that this time it will work.

    Metal Revolution is an excellent fighting game with great graphics and gameplay reminiscent of Street Fighter V. Undoubtedly one of the best games of the year and one of the best fighting games today.

    Metal Revolution na Google Play (ANDROID).


    hunt down

    Huntdown is an excellent side shooter or as many call it “run and gun”. With a cyberpunk look and a beautiful pixel art atmosphere, this is the game for fans who enjoy games with an “old” look.

    The game is free to download and try, but after a certain point you have to pay.

    Huntdown na App Store (iOS).

    Huntdown na Google Play (ANDROID).


    Evan's Remains

    Evan's Remains is a platform puzzle game where you control a girl in a fantastic, virtual world. She is looking for a boy, but before finding her “friend”, she needs to know what happened to the place. Could this virtual world be someone's memories? Then just playing to find out.

    Evans Remains na Google Play (ANDROID).


    Divinity-Original Sin 2

    Another “rubbed” in the face of Android fans. iOS gets another “exclusive”. Yes, this is a PC and console game, but so far, on mobile, it has only been released on iPads.

    Yes, in mobile Divinity – Original Sin 2 is treated as “Next-Gen”. The game is only available for iPad Air (2020) and iPad Pro. Did you feel the pressure? It's the price? R$ 140 reais!

    Divinity – Original Sin 2 na App Store (iOS).


    Games released in other countries

    Ace Racer

    [originally published June 4, 2021]

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