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    Top 10 Best Mobile Games – January 2021

    The best games for Android and iOS released in January 2021.

    We selected the main games that stood out this year.

    Without further ado, a list of the best that happened in the two main mobile game systems.

    See what were the main games released in early 2021 (Photo: Montage).

    Bob Esponja: Battle for Bikini Bottom

    Released by surprise on Google Play and App Store, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom is a 3D action game that is a remaster of a Playstation 2 classic.

    Very nice graphics and nice gameplay. A great 3D platformer to beat on mobile.

    Don't be fooled by the children's theme, the game is great for people of all ages.

    It supports Bluetooth controls and is offline.

    Download Bob Esponja na App Store (IOS)

    Downloads Bob Esponja na Google Play (Android)

    Dadish 2

    Dadish 2 is a game where you are a radish and also a family man has just received a sequel.

    With a cute look and accessible gameplay, Dadish 2 is a light platform game ideal for those who like games with a retro look.

    According to the developer, the adventure will be bigger than the original. There are 50 stages in total.

    The commands are simple, right and left directional pad and jump button. Those who enjoyed games like Mario Bros, will definitely spend some time playing Dadish 2.

    Easy and good game to beat.

    Download Dadish 2 na App Store (IOS)

    Download Dadish 2 na Google Play (Android)

    bless mobile

    Bless Mobile is an MMORPG for smartphones that was released in January 2021.

    The game dries up to the letter that beat table of games of the genre: elven characters with insinuating clothes and bad looking bomb faces.

    The story no one cares and the gameplay is the same, after all, there is a button to make everything automatic.

    “Okay, and what's the positive part? Why is this game here on the best of January 2021 list?”

    Bless Mobile repeats the formula of games like Black Desert Mobile and even though it is quite repetitive, it is something that pleases a lot of fans of games of this genre.

    It's everything auto MMORPG fans want.

    Download Bless Mobile na App Store (IOS)

    Download Bless Mobile na Google Play (Android)


    Mycetopia is a new game published by Crescent Moon Games. In it, you play as an adventurous mouse, looking to save your village from any dangers that might arise there.

    This game is a Metroidvania, with a fantasy setting, but take it easy on the comparisons. It's neither procedural nor ultra-hard.

    It is paid, offline. The look isn't the best, but the mouse's journey is good to pass the time.

    But don't compare this game and think it's on par with BloodStained or Castlevania. Please.

    Download Micetopia na App Store (IOS)

    Download Micetopia na Google Play (Android)

    Dakka Squadron

    Dakka Squadron is a spaceship shooter in a style very similar to Starfox. But here, you control orcs in crazy planes.

    The player must then fly on an alien world, blasting enemies and passing levels. The game is offline and available on Google Play Pass.

    Download Dakka Squadron na App Store (IOS)

    Download Dakka Squadron na Google Play (Android)

    Infinity kingdom

    After a period of absence, Yoozo games attacks with Infinity Kingdom. Your latest strategy and gacha game.

    This game is inspired by other games of the genre where you must build a kingdom, make allies and participate in great online wars.

    The visuals are pretty cool and the game anchors in an idea that you can have heroes from various eras of history, from the Romans to ancient China.

    Download Infinity Kingdom na App Store (IOS)

    Download Infinity Kingdom na Google Play (Android)

    penguin picnic

    Picnic Penguin is a fun Puzzle game that reminded me of Super Nintendo games like Goof Troop.

    That kind of game that gets you addicted right away.

    Download Picnic Penguin na App Store (IOS)

    Download Picnic Penguin na Google Play (Android)


    NUTS is an adventure game where you analyze the movements of squirrels.

    A first-person squirrel watching game.

    As bizarre as it sounds, and it is, this game is one of the most interesting and different that emerged in January 2021.

    What stands out the most here is the freedom from things that can happen. On mobile, the game is exclusive to iOS and Apple Arcade.

    Download Nuts na App Store (IOS)


    Questkeep mixes puzzle and “roguelike” in a very unique way.

    It looks like a matching puzzle, but in reality, your character walks through these blocks defeating enemies in these short stages.

    Download Questkeep na App Store (IOS)

    Chinese games and or pre-registration

    Project Cars GO

    Project Cars GO. Beta test can be played from Spain. (Photo: Reproduction)

    Great Saga

    Gran Saga, another new Korean MMORPG with beautiful graphics. (Photo: Publicity)

    Angry Birds Adventure

    [originally published February 27, 2021]

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