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    Top 10 Best Mobile Games – February 2021

    We've reached the end of February and this is the top best Android and iOS games for that month.

    After a somewhat “lukewarm” January, things heated up a bit with the release of the impressive Online RPG Warhammer: Odyssey. But those who enjoy offline can also enjoy Titan Quest: Legendary Edition.

    Check out the list of the best of February.

    Magic: The Gathering Arena

    He arrived without much fanfare. Magic: The Gathering Arena is a game made to be more “Free to Play” than previous versions of the popular card game.

    Right off the bat, the game gives you 15 decks and allows you to play matches against other players without much ado.

    Download Magic na App Store (IOS)

    Download Magic na Google Play (ANDROID)

    TitanQuest: Legendary Edition

    Titan Quest has aligned itself with the PC and console version with the release of the Legendary Edition.

    This is just the same Anniversary Edition. Players will be able to count on two more expansions and lots of extra content.

    The detail is that those who have Google Play Pass, can enjoy Titan Quest as if it were the Legendary Edition. Those who have Google Play Pass do not need to pay anything else for the expansions.

    Download Titan Quest  na App Store (IOS)

    Download Titan Quest na Google Play (ANDROID)

    Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf

    Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf is an anime-looking character golf game.

    The title has good 3D graphics and focus on getting the player lost in a world full of teenage characters.

    As expected, the game is full of skins and clothes to put on the characters.

    Download Birdie Crush na App Store (IOS)

    Download Birdie Crush na Google Play (ANDROID)


    For the time being iOS exclusive, Yeager is a 3D action game with clear Monster Hunter inspirations.

    The game takes place in an alien world with giant creatures that need to be mastered by players.

    The game was only released on the iPhone in February, but mysteriously disappeared. Will it come back? Anyway, we are making the link available.

    Yeager na App Store (IOS)

    Warhammer: Odyssey

    Released as a “soft launch” open to the public, Warhammer: Odyssey is an MMORPG with beautiful graphics and “old school” gameplay.

    NOTHING AUTOMATIC! In this game players need to do everything by hand.

    Warhammer: Odyssey is an open world MMO set in the Warhammer universe, where you travel to iconic Old World locations.

    You can choose from six classes: Witch Hunter, Archmage, Slayer, Engineer, Shadow Warrior and Warrior Priest.

    Warhammer: Odyssey na App Store (IOS)

    Warhammer: Odyssey na Google Play (ANDROID)

    Dragon Quest Tact

    Dragon Quest Tact is a tactical RPG game with the little monsters from the famous game franchise.

    The game mixes strategy, RPG and card game. A simple game that brings one of the main mechanics of the Dragon Quest franchise, collecting monsters.

    Dragon Quest Tact na App Store (IOS)

    Dragon Quest Tact na Google Play (ANDROID)

    Knightin '+

    Knightin'+, the “Zelda-style” adventure game, released by Crescent Moon Games.

    Developed by one-way studio Ratalaika Games, Knightin'+ is a retro dungeon-crawler featured in the 8-bit classic. Filled with gorgeous pixel-art and hypnotic chiptune-style music.

    Download Knightin’+ na App Store (IOS)

    Download Knightin’+ na Google Play (ANDROID)


    Battlepalooza, by newcomer nWay, is a Battle Royale with a colorful and cartoony look. The view is aerial and somewhat reminiscent of some recently released “brawlers”. But the thing here is shooting!

    Battlepalooza has quick matches with up to 23 other players. By collecting coins on the battlefield, the player upgrades weapons and character.

    Download Battlepalooza na App Store (IOS)

    Download Battlepalooza na Google Play (ANDROID)

    Games in pre-registration, trials or Chinese

    Global Offensive Mobile

    World War 2: FPS multiplayer

    Eggy Party

    [originally published March 1, 2021]

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