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    Top 10 Best Free Android Games: January 2013

    Our Top with the best free android games 2013 is now monthly (before it was biannual) now you will check every month the best options to have fun for free with your Android smartphone/tablet. We tested all the games and below you can see a small description of what the game is like and what we think about it (mini-review). In each Top position you can see additional information such as “if the game requires connection, additional downloads and other information”. Check the list:

    Pudding Monsters - Download Free

    Pudding Monsters is a fun puzzle for Android (Pudding Photo)

    Pudding Monsters is yet another puzzle for puzzle lovers. Like Cut The Rope, Pudding Monsters really invests in the puzzle factor, so the “trial and error” method will not always work. The game has free and paid versions.

    Video with Gameplay.

    Requirements:  Android 1.6 or higher

    Publicity: Exibe banners


    Temple Run 2 - Download Free

    Temple Run 2 Game for Android Free (Photo: Disclosure)

    After hundreds of clones, some famous, finally the Imangi studio decided to release its Temple Run game update. The new Temple Run has very nice graphics and increased difficulty. Many things are more difficult in this Temple Run, the commands are no longer so automatic and picking up some items during the jumps has become more difficult. However, new elements such as mining carts make the game more fun.

    Video with Gameplay.

    Requirements: 2.1 or higher

    Advertising: No


    Pitfall  - Download Free

    Pitfall has arrived for Android Free (Photo: Disclosure)

    Pitfall was one of the first adventure games of all time. Made for Atari in the 80s, the game revolutionized with its colorful graphics and unique gameplay. Time has passed and Android's Pitfall, despite being very cool, copies other elements from games like Temple Run and others. If you don't take this into account, you can have a lot of fun with the game. Pitfall has cool camera changes and gameplay variation, meaning you don't run around all the time and ride on carts, motorcycles, vines and more.

    Video like Gameplay.

    Requirements: 2.3.3 or higher | It may not work on less powerful devices.

    Publicity: No


    Dark Arcana: the Carnival - Download Free

    Dark Arkana is an interesting game for being in Spanish (Photo: Disclosure)

    First released for iPhone, this mystery and investigation game is reminiscent of old PC games. In reality there is little action and the game focuses more on investigating images, called scenes, to collect clues that lead to the end of the case of the disappearance of a young mother. The game is pretty cool and has nice graphics. But the strong point of the game is the language in Spanish, fully translated is very nice to play in our default language. For those who have a slow connection, the downside may be the size of the game, as it is very large.

    Video with Gameplay.

    Requirements: 2.3 or Higher | Requires payment halfway through the game

    Publicity: No


    Playmobil Pirates - Download Free

    Playmobil Pirates is a free game for Android (Photo: Disclosure)

    Launched by Gameloft in partnership with Playmobil, Playmobil Pirates is another “Sim City” style game where the player will have to build a small village that will actually be the lair of the game's pirates. Funny and with all the nostalgia for Playmobils, Playmobil Pirates is a very fun game that comes entirely in Spanish. As with any game of this style, it is necessary to point out that the most important thing is always the construction and that although it has some mini-games, the cool thing is to keep building the village.

    Video com o gameplay.

    Requirements: Android 2.3 or Higher | Additional download required

    Publicity: Yes


    Nemo's Reef - Download Free

    Nemo's Reef is a free game for Android (Photo: Disclosure)

    Another building style game is Nemo's Reef. A very cool game that brings your favorite characters from the movie “Finding Nemo”. The positive point for the game is its graphic quality, very colorful and beautiful. The negative point is that the game is all in English (a negative point for those who do not master the language) and the fact that the game does not work on less powerful devices or with low screen resolutions.

    Video com o gameplay.

    Requirements: 2.2 or Higher | May not work on less powerful devices

    Advertising: No



    Rick O'Shea - Download Free

    Rick O'Shea is a fun free game for Android (Photo: Disclosure)

    Rick O'Shea is a casual little game where you shoot a bullet man through the air, with the aim of reaching the end of each level by getting three stars. The game resembles some bonus stages of the game Donkey Kong Country for Super Nintendo. It's a fun and very casual game, but it can be a little difficult for those with big fingers. The game is not entirely free as only the first 24 stages are free.

    Video the gameplay.

    Requirements: 2.1 or higher

    Publicity: Sim, banners


    Freeze! - Download Free

    Freeze is a different game for Android (Photo: Disclosure)

    Freeze! is a different Puzzle game for Android. Using the accelerometer (tilting the phone) you release a strange creature that is trapped. Like all puzzles, the game starts out easy and gets very difficult. The game has a retro look, all in black and white and with sinister music. A negative point is that the game does not work on some smartphones, even if Google Play says it does.

    Video the gameplay.

    Requirements: 2.2 or higher | Requires payment to unlock more levels

    Publicity: No


    Asura Cross - Download Free

    Asura Cross is a clone of The King of Fighter for Android and it's free (Photo: Disclosure)

    Asura Cross is a 2D fighting game with very cool graphics and very good gameplay. The game is heavily inspired by King of Fighters XIII. The auto point is the possibility to play a quality fighting game for free, the bad part is that the game needs constant internet connection.

    Video with Gameplay.

    Requirements: 2.3 or higher | Requires constant internet connection

    Publicity: Yes


    Beat the Beast Lite - Download Free

    Beat the Beast is a different and free tower defense (Photo: Disclosure)

    Beat the Beast Lite is a Tower Defense style Android game. The game has a different look, as the scenery and the paths where waves of enemies appear turn around the Tower. With simple controls and very easy to play, it's a very interesting game for those who enjoy this style, due to its variety.

    Video com o gameplay.

    Requirements: 2.2 or higher

    Publicity: Yes

    [originally published January 19, 2013]

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