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    Top 10 Best Adventure Games of 2016 (Android and iOS)

    Now it's time for the best adventure games in our holiday special. In this top, as in the previous one, we made a mix between the two genres, action and adventure. Some games here may look like action games, but due to the focus on narrative, they are better suited as an action-adventure game.

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    10 – Blackwell 5: Epiphany – What a way to go (PAGO)

    Blackwell 5: Epiphany – What a way to go is a classic adventure game. With 2D graphics and a tight script, the game involves exploration of environments, puzzles and an intriguing story.

    Acclaimed on PCs, Blackwell 5 is the kind of adventure that demands a tablet, a hot coffee and a rainy day. A game with an immersive story that will leave the player with that taste of reading a good detective novel. For now, Blackwell 5 is an iOS exclusive, just like previous titles in the franchise.

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    9 – The School: White Day (PAGO)

    One of the best horror games of 2016, in The School: White Day, your character finds himself in a haunted school. Wander through scenarios trying to solve riddles and face off against scary girls (!).

    With adventure elements, in White Day, the player must solve puzzles and talk to NPCs to find out what's going on. Great graphics and a Silent Hill adventure.

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    8 – The Abandoned (PAGO)

    In this survival game, the world has ended and you are in a strange place and surrounded by zombies. The player needs to look for ways to survive and build the best melee weapons to face the undead.

    The Abandoned has great graphics and was released for Android in 2016. The game, for now, is exclusive to the Android platform.

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    7 – Out There Chronicles (PAGO)

    Out There is a franchise that always surprises us with its creativity and care in the conception of each new adventure we face. Out There Chronicles is the direct sequel to Out There Omega, but brings more adventure-focused gameplay.

    In order to explore the Galaxy, the player embarks on a journey that looks more like a comic book. Well written and very detailed, Out There Chronicles is an unmissable game for anyone who enjoys the adventure genre.

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    6 – DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror (Thanks)

    DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror is a horror game with 2D graphics that doesn't look like it, but it causes great scares. Gameplay is Side Scrolling style. All in Spanish, Distraint tells the story of a building owner who needs to collect rent. This guy will find out his building is haunted.

    Distraint is one of the most highly rated games by users in 2016. With an average of 4.9/5, the game works on almost any cell phone. Its atmosphere is one of mystery, allied to a very well done audio design.

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    5 – Legend of Skyfish (PAGO)

    The Legend of Skyfish is an action adventure game with versions for Android and iOS. The game borrows elements from The Legend of Zelda, but the fun here is much shorter.

    In this game, the player controls a young girl who needs to fight an evil fish. Gameplay mechanics and a story all in Spanish captivate players looking for a fluid experience.

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    4 – Crashlands (PAGO)

    Crashlands is an adventure game with elements of survival and even Minecraft. We control a robot and his team, who after crashing on a strange planet, have to find ways to keep working.

    The developers' creativity was absurd, when inserting a game that mixes so many elements, and still manages to introduce a fun story. The player can craft objects and weapons to help survive the craziest challenges.

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    3 – Don’t Starve Pocket Edition (PAGO)

    Dont Starve needs no introduction. The adventure and survival game arrived on Android only this year 2016. Owner of a challenge far above average, this is a challenging title. With each foray into the strange world of Dont Starve, the most unpredictable things tend to happen.

    Full of possibilities and bizarre events, Don't Starve Pocket Edition reproduces the same feeling of playing on PC. A bizarre and at the same time very funny journey.

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    2 – Eisenhorn: XENOS

    Eisenhorn: XENOS is based on the XENOS book in the Warhammer 40.000 series. The story is narrated by Hollywood actor Mark Strong (The villain of Sherlock Holmes), who has appeared in several films. You against Gregor Eisenhorn, an inquisitor who faces several ethical dilemmas as he faces those who challenge the justice of Ordo Xenos.

    Eisenhorn: XENOS mixes action moments with dialogue in a game with a console game atmosphere. The combats disappoint a little, but it's in the story and art direction that the game stands out.

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    And the Best Mobile Adventure Game of 2016 is:

    1 – Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (PAGO)

    Eisenhorn: XENOS may have immense graphics quality and impressive production design, but the adventure of two brothers in search of a cure for their father's illness, wins as the best adventure game of 2016.

    If you haven't played it yet, get ready for a lot of excitement in a touching game. The game mixes adventure with puzzle sections, where you'll have to play with both brothers, at the same time, to solve some puzzles. Each sibling has specific abilities, one is stronger and the other is faster and smaller.

    Everything is resolved naturally, in a game that does not need explanations, arrows and other types of help. It's that old maxim of simple design where the player has the freedom and a sense of fun and addictive discovery. The player must rely only on perception to know how to interpret this rare piece of the gaming world.

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