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    Top 10 Best Adventure Games for Android and iOS of 2017

    Find out which were the best adventure games released for Android and iPhone in 2017. In the plot-driven genre, the story is the main element, but without neglecting action and a lot of interactivity. Check out these games that are a “delight” to beat.

    Before you ask, let's answer: most games are OFFLINE.

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    10 – Beholder

    Beholder is definitely a great adventure game where you not only play, but act as an “observer”. In a gloomy mood, your goal is to snoop around the neighborhood to find out what everyone is up to.

    From there, you can take restrictive measures or co-opt against the government. An ethics-based game that says more about who you really are.

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    9 – ICEY

    ICEY is a 2D action game that was released simultaneously for mobile and video games. But it's also a very story-driven game. Interestingly, Google Play puts the game as an RPG.

    In ICEY, an omnipresent narrator guides your character with hints. But be careful, you can't trust everything the guy says. Could he be the architect of the dangers this silver-haired heroine faces? Just playing to find out. ICEY has a lot of action and a different and innovative combo system.

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    8 – Portal Knights

    Portal Knights is a 3D action adventure game set in a world of infinite possibilities. Nicknamed Minecraft 2.0, for its childish appeal, in reality, the game is very good.

    The focus of the game is co-op and the exploration of worlds through portals. On Google Play the game is classified as Adventure, despite having more RPG and action elements.

    The highlight of the game is the cooperative mode that allows up to 4 players on the same Wi-Fi to interact and face giant bosses. As you might expect, the game is paid and doesn't have annoying things like automatic mode and power limiters.

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    7 – Reigns: Her Majesty

    Reigns: Her Majesty may seem like a mix between a card game and Tinder, but the game is a very fun textual adventure. Make decisions by swiping from right to left or vice versa.

    In the world of Reigns, a cultural renaissance is taking place; a new era of knowledge and enlightenment. Yet ambition and envy run wild and conspire against our queen.

    It is up to the player to drive the course of this story with a lot of drama and humor. Reigns: Her Majesty is all in Spanish and is completely offline.

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    6 – Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story

    When the first game of this style was released, I confess that I thought it would become a craze. But no, Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story is yet another immersive game in the same vein as Sara is Missing and the first Another Lost Phone.

    In this type of game, your smartphone, yes your own, is part of the plot. When you start the game, it turns into a missing person's cell phone.

    Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story is all in Spanish and is even more addictive than the first. Browse through the options and find out what happened to Laura.

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    5 – Old Man’s Journey

    In fifth position we have this cute adventure that tells the story of this grandpa who is going to visit his family. Old Man's Journey is a contemplative and linear game. The player walks through landscapes looking for interaction points to better understand the story.

    It's a game to play with headphones and to watch at home, without rushing. If you like adventure, you need to get this game urgently. Excellent and very touching art direction. I won't comment on the story to avoid spoilers.

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    4 – Thimbleweed Park

    Launched in 2017 for PC, it took a while, but Thimbleweed Park has also arrived on smartphones. And boy, get ready to have fun with one of the best adventures of 2017.

    A game in the classic pattern of the old games of the genre on PC, but with a kind of "X-Files" footprint. Do investigations to find out what's going on in this haunted park.

    Thimbleweed Park has great voice acting and excellent dialogue (too bad it's all in English). Created by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, creators of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion.

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    3 – OXENFREE

    Dialog system is simple but very functional.

    Another game that was first released on consoles and then made its way to smartphones was OXENFREE. Fortunately, this time, the game also arrived for Android.

    For those who are a fan of a story-driven adventure game, OXENFREE is simply the best mobile experience in this genre of 2017. Handily running over the already tired Telltale Games formula. In terms of storytelling, OXENFREE surpasses even Life is Strange.

    We're not going to spoil the game too much, but let's just say that you're facing a game with multiple timelines that can communicate and make the player access different endings. A mysterious and innovative game.

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    2 – Playdead’s INSIDE

    From the award-winning studio that gave us LIMBO comes the iPhone and iPad, INSIDE. The game somewhat resembles LIMBO in gameplay, but the plot is completely different.

    In the game, we control a boy who is in a totalitarian regime. React with the environment and find out what's going on. Provocative, mysterious, Inside is a work of art that was also available on iOS

    The game has some negative reviews in Spain, because there was a compatibility error. In fact, Inside is only compatible with iPhone 6S and above. On older devices, it has errors and slowness. (And there's the iPhone battery thing that Apple made clear that if the device is old, it's covered by the company).

    Link to Download on iPhone and iPad

    1 – Stranger Things: The Game

    You can almost hear it dã no dã no

    Stranger Things is a game that goes far beyond being a TV series advergame. By giving the player complete freedom to explore the open world, discover the characters and how each one will help you advance in the story, the game reveals itself to be a mixture of The Legend of Zelda with adventure.

    An adventure that doesn't feature a single ad or built-in purchase, in an emotion-packed package with a narrative virtually separate from the TV series. The mechanics of each character are the highlight, making the player vary characters to try to complete their objectives.

    Stranger Things is great for offering really uncompromising entertainment, very different from other free games, which really don't want your attention, but your money. Stranger Things goes in the opposite direction of the supposed freemium, delivering a remarkable experience for the player. The best adventure game of 2017.

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    And these were the best adventure games for Android and iOS of 2017. Did you like Top? Missed a game? Leave a comment.

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