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    Top 10 Best Action Games of 2016 (Android and iOS)

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    In this top 10, we will see a selection of the best action games of 2016, which appeared on Android and iOS. This is another article that is part of our end-of-year special, with a retrospective of all the good that happened in 2016 in terms of mobile games.

    It is worth remembering that many titles in this top are mixed between action and adventure. Top adventure games of 2016 will be released soon. Hence, “Don't Freak out”.

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    10 – Smashing The Battle (PAGO)

    Smashing The Battle is a hack'n slash game with a focus on lots of action and anime-looking girls. The game was slightly (a lot!) censored on Android and iOS due to its catchy content. But aside from that aspect, what we have is an action game with impressive graphics.

    The story is not the game's strong point. In Smashing The Battle, the player starts with a mechanic that sees robots revolt against humans and needs to act before they all die. Afterwards, it turns out that it was all a hacker attack and the heroines set out to find out who the villain is.

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    9 – Slaughter (PAGO)

    In Slaughter, we get into the shoes of a mercenary who is trapped in a city full of madmen and psychopaths. Take out the enemies to make sure you make it out of the place alive.

    The game mixes shooting, melee combat, stealth and environment exploration. Slaughter's graphics are excellent and the game conveys that feeling of playing a long game that resembles titles for consoles.

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    8 – Radiation Island (PAGO)

    Radiation Island is an adventure game, but it has a lot of action sections including shooting. Explore an island where strange things happen.

    With an impressive look, Radiation Island was first released on iOS, but also arrived on Android in 2016. An amazing game with lots of content to explore and day and night sections.

    Download Links on Android and iOS

    7 – Lego Star Wars: Force Awakens (Free to try)

    In Lego Stars: Force Awakens, the player relives the best moments of the movie of the same name (Star Wars: The Force Awakens). Control the characters from the movie in stages with lots of action where you have to defeat enemies and build things that will help you to get out of each scenario.

    There are more than 200 characters among them: Rey, Finn, Captain Phasma, Poe Dameron, Han Solo and Kylo Ren. Another game from the Lego franchise that draws a lot of attention and is practically a “brother” to this game is Lego Jurassic World, which also came to smartphones in 2016.

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    6 – Alien Zone Plus (Free)

    Alien Zone Plus is an overhead shooter, packed with lots of action and frantic shooting. In this game, we control a girl with silver hair and our mission is to destroy aliens and rescue survivors.

    The only free representative on our list, the game lavishes resources and possibilities. There are many scenarios and the action is not to be missed. In addition to new weapons and clothes for the cat, it is also possible to unlock a new character. Alien Zone Plus got a sequel also in 2016 called Broken Dawn.

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    5 – Severed (PAGO)

    Severed mixes dungeon crawlers with action thanks to frantic combat, where the player must swipe the screen with speed. The game has a fantastic art direction, with a look that recalls classic cartoons with Samurai Jack.

    A must for those who enjoy different games, Severed is available, for now, only on iOS. The game is also a winner of several awards on the indie developer circuit.

    Links to Download on iOS

    4 – Heroes of the Loot 2 (PAGO)

    Heroes of the Loot 2 looks like a free game, but it's paid. The reason for this finding is simple, it brings all the good that there is in free action games, but without power limiters, let alone ads.

    Explore dungeons with a group of characters made up of a few pixels. Inspired by classics like Gauntlet, Heroes of the Loot 2 was so successful that it was also released for PCs.

    Download Links on Android and iOS

    3 – Space Marshals 2 (Free/PAID)

    Free on Android and paid on iOS, Space Marshals 2 is an adventure with lots of action and shooting. In this sequel, the player controls Burton and his team in yet another chase in this futuristic wild west.

    Space Marshals 2 mixes action and tactical combat. It's no use going "RAMBO" and shooting everyone, because the challenge here is high. There are 20 missions in a game with great graphics and all in Spanish.

    Download Links on Android and iOS

    2 – Bully: Anniversary Edition (PAGO)

    Bully needs no introduction. The game by Rockstar is a classic for Playstation 2 and Xbox 360. Bully arrived by surprise on smartphones, bringing impeccable gameplay, combined with fantastic dubbing and overwhelming content.

    In Bully, the player controls Jimmy Hopkins. This young, troublesome student who moves to a new school. Playing with total freedom, it's possible to be a good guy, or a brawler and get in big troubles (voice of the narrator of the afternoon session). Responsible for creating the “GTA at school” genre, Bully is yet another port that demonstrates the respect that Rockstar has for the mobile platform.

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    1 – Oceanhorn (Free to try)

    Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas was originally released for iOS in 2013. But the game had never come to Android until this end of year. Because it is such an important representative of the market (it appeared on mobile phones), Oceanhorn was chosen as the best action game of the year 2016.

    In this epic that mixes action and adventure, we control a young boy, who needs to defeat evil creatures that have arrived on different islands. He helps people, and faces several enemies in a game that presents as few, on cell phones, that feeling of great adventure.

    Clearly inspired by The Legend of Zelda, Oceanhorn is much more focused on action and exploring environments. The graphics drew attention from the first screenshots, back in 2011. Even in 2016, it remains a very impressive game and a beautiful representative of what is indie culture on mobile. Developed, at first, by just one person, the game caught the attention of the industry and the developer gained the collaboration of market icons such as Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy) and Kenji Ito (Seiken Densetsu).

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    And these were the best releases, ports and re-releases of action-adventure games that came to Android and iOS in 2016. Did we miss any? leave a comment.

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