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    Top 10 Best Action Games for Android and iOS 2020

    Check out the best action games that passed through Android e iOS em 2020. A selection with the best that went through cell phones in this troubled year.

    The genre of "action games" usually encompasses games that have other characteristics such as adventure or RPG. But be warned, the focus is action. So if the main mechanics of the game demand a lot from the player in terms of movement and gameplay, then this game will appear on this list.

    Note Yes, let's make the other lists as well with the best adventure, strategy, racing, shooting, puzzle, Arcade/Casual and RPG games of the year.

    10.Omega Legends

    Battle Royale games have stabilized in 2020, but there is still an opportunity to get to know this “Fortnite without buildings”. Omega Legends has a different and curious gameplay. We could even call it a “Free Fire 2.0”.

    Command heroes with unique abilities in a third-person shooter. Despite being a beaten genre, Omega Legends is a pleasant surprise. The title was able to stand out in the immense sea of ​​clones of games of this genre.

    ( Android | iOS )

    Developer: IGG
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.4 or higher
    Language: Spanish | Size: 453 MB

    9. Little Orpheus

    In June, we were surprised by a very creative action game. In Little Orpheus, you control a character who is a cosmonaut who has received a different mission. Well, according to him, he was charged with going to the center of the Earth. Arriving there, a new world welcomes the character with giant plants and jurassic beings.

    The game takes place in flashback format, with the cosmonaut telling his strange story. In addition to the great premise, Little Orpheus presents a very beautiful look. Anyway, but an amazing action game that is only available on iOS with Apple Arcade.

    ( iOS )

    Developer: The Chinese Room
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: No
    Requires iOS 13
    Language: Spanish | Size: 3.3 GB

    8. Gameloft Classics

    A true love letter to mobile game fans. Gameloft released a collection of “Java games” for Android in April. These are games that worked on those old cell phones using J2ME technology.

    They are unsurpassed classics like Zombie Infection, Soul of Darkness, Midnight Pool, Gangstar 2, Hero of Sparta and many others. The collection has 20 games and is completely offline and free.

    ( Android )

    Developer: Gameloft
    Advertising: No | OFFLINE game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.0
    Language: Spanish | Size: 77 MB

    7. Brawlhalla

    In August, it was the turn of one of the best fighting games in the style of “Smash Bros” to reach mobile phones. Brawlhalla arrived on Android and iOS as a perfect port from consoles and PC.

    With good partnerships and a synchronization with the content of other platforms, Brawlhalla, as well as Fortnite, shows that the mobile platform is ready to receive any competitive and light action game that is out there on consoles and PC. Hello? Valorant? Come on, my son.

    ( Android | iOS )

    Developer: Ubisoft
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 5.0 / iOS 10
    Language: Spanish | Size: 553 MB

    6. LevelHead

    LevelHead is a platform game where you face challenges across the galaxy. The game draws attention for having a level builder that is very reminiscent of Mario Maker 2. The result is a game that pleases both those looking for a title to complete or those who want to unleash their creativity.

    The game is paid, but it is available on Android through the Google Play Pass service. A great recommendation for anyone looking for a creative action game.

    ( Android | iOS )

    Developer: Butterscotch Shenanigans
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 5.0 / iOS 13
    Language: Spanish | Size: 236 MB

    5. ​​The Pathless

    Another iOS “exclusive”. The Pathless is available from the Apple Arcade service and delivers a fast-paced, action-packed adventure.

    At the command of a girl, you will wander through green fields full of dangers. Defeat enemies and seek to unravel the mysteries of ancient creatures that are destroying your beloved world. A beautiful game with very fast gameplay. Of course, this game would be a great candidate for our list of the best action games of 2020.

    ( iOS )

    Developer: Annapurna Games
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: No
    Requires Android 5.0 / iOS 13
    Language: Spanish | Size: 5.6 GB

    4. Bloodstained

    The Top 4 on our list of action games for Android and iOS is pure dark and gothic culture. We started with Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Surprisingly, ArtPlay announced a partnership with NetEase to launch a mobile version of Bloodstained.

    The game arrived on Android and iOS at the end of the year. While it had some issues, Bloodstained is still an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality action game on Android and iOS. The reason? It takes almost 30 hours to complete the game at 100%. Anyway, content will not be lacking.

    Despite being considered "action RPG", we will include Bloodstained and other games of this type in this list, precisely because they are more "action" than traditional RPG.

    ( Android | iOS )

    Developer: NetEase Games
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 5.0 / iOS 11
    Language: Spanish | Size: 1.6 GB

    3 Dead Cells

    Speaking of content, how about a game that never stays the same? In Dead Cells, death is never the end.

    Created by drinking from the source of the most famous Metroidvanias, Dead Cells takes a different approach. The game procedurally creates all stages each time you die. So no phase will ever be the same. However, there is a certain structure to the world of Dead Cells.

    With an outstanding grinding system, with a lot of character evolution options, Dead Cells is one of the most addictive action games to come to Android in 2020.

    ( Android | iOS )

    Developer: Playdigius
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: No
    Requires Android 5.0 / iOS 11.0
    Language: Spanish | Size: 622MB

    2. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

    Most likely Dead Cells and Bloodstained wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the classic Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

    The game for Playstation One and Sega Saturn arrived on Android and iOS by surprise in March 2020. The version chosen to be "a mobile" is the PSP version in HD, which is a version with different dialogues and the possibility to play with Maria ( before this was only possible on the Saturn).

    Castlevania's influence continues over the years. The game arrived very cheaply in the mobile app stores.

    All in all, an unsurpassed classic that remains relevant to this day.

    ( Android | iOS )

    Developer: Konami
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: No
    Requires Android 4.4 / iOS 9.0
    Language: English | Size: 300MB

    1. Pascal’s Wager

    But the game of the year, the best mobile action game of 2020 could not be another. Of course we are talking about Pascal's Wager.

    The game has finally brought to mobile that comforting feeling of difficulty that only games like Dark Souls know how to give. A game that doesn't punish you unfairly, it just warns you that you'll need to train a lot or evolve your character to be able to move forward.

    Pascal's Wager has that gift of being a “full mobile” game that only true mobile game lovers will recognize. And that's also why it deserves to be here on this list of the best action games of 2020.

    We don't even need to comment about the game, right? In a dark world where there is no more sunlight, people use being called colossi that carry "little suns" and they are the ones who scare away a mist that turns people into monsters.

    In this dark medieval world, we control characters who are each on their personal quest for redemption. But best of all is the calibrated gameplay that turns Pascal's Wager into a true Souls Mobile.

    ( Android | iOS )

    Developer: Giant Games
    Advertising: No | Offline Game*
    Contains built-in purchases: No
    Requires Android 5.0 / iOS 9.0
    Download Size 1.57 GB

    *The game requests internet from time to time to verify the license.

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