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    Tips on How to Play Dream League Soccer 2017

    For those who are starting to play Dream League Soccer 2017, it can be a little complicated to understand the interface and main objectives of the soccer game. That's why we've separated a tutorial with tips on how to play and advance in the game for Android and iOS.

    – Dream League Soccer 2017 commands

    Dream League Soccer 2017 commands are very simple. On the left side of the screen, we have an analog that can be fixed or mobile. Our tip is that you configure it as fixed. Take the opportunity to place the camera as far away as possible, so you will have a wider view of the field.

    Main commands of the game Dream League Soccer 2017.

    Buttons A, B and C have different functions. With the ball: A to shoot at the goal, B to touch and C to make passes and crosses. Without the ball: A to tackle, B to apply pressure and try to steal the ball, C to change players.

    The direction of the ball depends on the position of the analog stick during the kick. The power of the kick depends on how long your finger is on top of each button. The game's controls are very sensitive, so don't keep your finger on a button for too long.

    – How to Play Offline

    The main mode of Dream League Soccer 2017 is offline. In season mode (Academy Division), the user will face teams controlled by the game. Each match will be more challenging than the next, as at the beginning, your team is below average. It is necessary to win matches to get money to buy new athletes.

    – How to Play Online Multiplayer

    The online mode of Dream League Soccer 2017 is “Dream League Online”. This mode is much more competitive, as you will face other players in real time. It is also possible to face off against other players using the same Wi-Fi network. To play this mode, reserve some free time, as it is not possible to pause the matches.

    – Transfers: building your team

    As in previous Dream League Soccer games, in the 2017 version, the player uses virtual money (gold coins) earned in matches to buy new athletes.

    Check the levels each player has (not just the main level) and choose the best athletes for your team. Once you have a good amount of players, start selling some of your old players.

    – Train the team (player development)

    Finally, a crucial aspect that goes unnoticed by novice Dream League Soccer users. You have to train the team to develop the players.

    No, we are not talking about the training mode in the “My Club” menu. The correct option to evolve here is “Player Development”. In this option, you spend gold coins (virtual money) to level up your players.

    Path to access option (Main menu >>My Club >> Player Development)

    The “Player Development” is interesting for those who have few gold coins. It allows you to have a reasonable team. A big mistake in the beginning is to spend the money on buying a single star. A single good player will not make a difference.

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