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    Tips for Getting Started with Vainglory

    Have you ever thought about starting to play? Vainglory? With the recent arrival of the new 5v5 mode, this is the perfect time to start getting to know this amazing game. Vainglory is a free game and is available for Android e iOS.

    Vainglory is, without a doubt, the best MOBA Mobile today. With its touch-based gameplay, it allows us to get the most out of the game.

    The game was developed by Evil Megacorp, a company formed by great professionals who came from great companies such as RIOT and Rock Star.

    Link to download Vainglory on Android and iOS

    – But what is a MOBA anyway?

    MOBA is the acronym for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, same genre as League of Legends and Dota 2. The genre has the following aspects: two teams must defend their base while fighting to take down the enemy team's crystal.

    In Vainglory teams have two modes where they can contain from 3 to 5 players. Depending on the mode you play, each one controlling an avatar called a "hero". We also have the mobs that are controlled by the computer, the so-called minions, appear at the teams' bases and go to the enemy team's base fighting enemies and turrets on the way.

    The player's objective is basically to destroy enemy towers and the "Vain Crystal" that is at the base. If the crystal is destroyed, the team that destroyed the crystal wins.

    – Vainglory is much more than a traditional MOBA

    Many will say that Vainglory is a simplified version of the genre that is already consolidated on PC, but it turns out to be not simplified at all, with the recent update that brought us the 5×5 mode.

    The game provides the same quality experience as other PC MOBAs. Vainglory has been here a long time and making history. It was released for iOS on November 16, 2014 and the Android version was released on July 2, 2015, long enough to earn the title of pioneer in the field of e-Sport on the mobile platform.

    – Tips for getting off to a good start in Vainglory

    MOBA is a genre that requires reading and study, so reading is our main tip. Open the heroes tab, there you will have them all. By tapping on each hero, it will be possible to see all its information. Knowing what each one does, you will know both how to play with him and you will also know how to play against him.


    – Know the role of your hero

    Each Vainglory hero is different from the other, each has a specific role. Heroes like Ringo, for example, are better suited to stay in the back and shoot enemies from afar.

    We also have Roam, which is Support, the most important position in the game, whose main function is to protect the team.

    Koshka, on the other hand, can go to the jungle to ensure the safety of some area. Knowing your hero's role before entering a game will help you not to waste time doing things wrong.

    – Diversify your Item Build

    By killing minions and heroes, you get money to buy items. There are a lot of different items available in Vainglory. Some can make your attacks stronger, while others can make your hero move faster or even heal your health. Diversifying into these items can catch your opponents by surprise and the right item used at the right time can guarantee victory.

    Turrets can do a lot of damage. Always be careful with them.

    – Use the Jungle shop instead of returning to the Base

    Although it seems like a simple thing, many players forget that there is a store in the middle of the map and end up wasting precious time returning to the base. The jungle shop sells exactly the same items as the base shop and most of the time will be closer. However, she only appears after 4 minutes of play. Stay tuned!

    – How to use the map correctly

    Looking at various areas on the map to see what is happening is essential in a MOBA. In Vainglory the jungle setting allows surprise attacks to be made in different locations. By tapping the map and holding, you can see other areas of the map at the top right of the screen or send your hero away by touching the ground in that area of ​​the map.

    - Practice leads to perfection

    I know that nobody likes the practice mode, but before you want to take a chance against real players, it's recommended to play a few games in practice mode, with bot or solo, to train and get to know your character's skills. In training matches, there is only your hero and the creeps, which gives you plenty of time to get to know the hero's characteristics like his attack speed or the damage dealt by each skill.

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