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    Tip: buy cheaper smartphones through the GearBest app

    Recently GearBest got involved in several controversies in Spain. As a result, she the price went up of smartphones only in the BR version from the store. See how to save and buy at the normal price, without discrimination with our country.

    The tip is to use the store app that has versions for Android and iOS. Use the same login as the GearBest website.

    Link to Download the App on Android and iOS.

    The GearBest app is very simple to use. Identical to the official version of the website. Just put your login details in “Sign” and go shopping.


    Examples of lower prices in the GearBest app


    You can also access mobile version of the site, which so far redirects to the international version. But that could change soon.

    It is also not possible to say if GearBest will take any action soon. But as the app is global, I find it difficult for the store to create a “BR” version of it, just to harm us.

    So here's the tip for those who want to buy cheaper at the GearBest store, buy through the app!

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