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    The Swordsmen X closed beta test begins

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    The closed beta test of the game The Swordsmen X started on the 8st and runs until the XNUMXth of May. The game is a Battle Royale by NetEase that impresses with its graphics and gameplay style. Game planned for Android and iOS.

    The Swordsmen X utilizes Unreal Engine 4 to deliver breathtaking visuals. A fantastic game in terms of graphics, but that also draws attention for its gameplay. There are no firearms.

    The game is set in medieval China/Japan (apparently), and focuses exclusively on melee weapons. This makes combat much more straightforward.

    The player starts on a flying dragon and descends on the map. From there, it's on its own. There are several types of swords, spears and skills to collect.


    Apparently there will be solo, coop and squad modes. Just like in any Battle Royale.

    Despite the visual and gameplay draw attention, I find it very difficult for this game to get here. This is a very niche product. I think NetEase will focus on its games that are almost released here, for example: Super Mecha Champions.

    Fonte: GameWorld

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