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    The Shadowgun War Games movie

    Removed from app stores in July, Shadowgun War Games was completely deactivated on August 31, 2021. The premature death of the game, released in February last year, demonstrates how competitive and cruel the mobile game market is, even with companies that have a lot of experience in the field.


    Shadowgun War Games was a first-person shooter with elements of the so-called “Hero Shooter”, but in the end it was just one more, in a long list of games it failed to bet on a gameplay similar to that of “Overwatch”.

    But Shadowgun War Games was a game that achieved pre-registration records with over a million beta test entries. How did this happen?

    As we pointed out before it even launched in February 2020, Hero Shooter isn't exactly a safe genre to bet on. Dozens of companies bet on this genre and failed, including Gameloft.

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    And what was the problem with Shadowgun War Games… Probably none.

    This shooter was one of the finest, most polished and technically quality shooters seen on mobile in years. Just like every Madfinger game. Fluid movement and gameplay with good compatibility. And even then, it didn't work.

    I recognize that Shadowgun War Games didn't have the most charismatic characters in the world. But still, I don't believe that was the reason for the game to “flop”. Several other “Overwatch-style” games flopped and had very good character designs.

    But if I had to point out a probable mistake by the producer, that mistake would have been to bet on a game “like another game”, you know.

    Nowadays people no longer want a “Clone of Call of Duty” – they already have COD Mobile – nobody wants a “Battlefield, Apex or Valorant clone” anymore, these games will already be officially launched on cell phones.

    Interestingly, we don't have an “Overwatch Mobile” and because of the flop that happens with every game of this genre, I don't think even Blizzard is interested in releasing it.

    In short. Another “post-mortem record” here on the site. Sad!

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