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    The Origin Mission: “Ex-CS:GO Mobile” is in beta testing in Thailand (playable via VPN)

    The Origin Mission, a game that became popularly known as the “official CS:GO Mobile” (although clearly not), has started its beta test in Thailand.

    As we reported last month, the beta test is for Android and anyone in that country (or using a VPN) will be able to test the game first hand.

    About The Origin Mission's name change

    The Origin Mission is a first-person shooter game that came out under the name of Global Offensive Mobile in February 2021. The game quickly took the internet by storm and many people thought it would be an official / Chinese version of Couter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO).

    It seems that for fear of taking a lawsuit, the producer decided to change the name of the game and remove several references to the successful PC game. Global Offensive Mobile is now called The Origin Mission and is gearing up for its global launch.

    Global release date?

    There is no release date yet, but with the website, social networks and YouTube channel, everything indicates that DDD Studio wants to launch The Origin Mission globally very soon.


    Developer: DDD Studio
    Advertising: Yes | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.4
    Language: English | Size: 1 GB

    See below the sites, social networks and discord channel.

    In-game social media:

    The Origin Mission site oficial:

    FaceBook :

    YouTube :

    Twitter :


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