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    The Impossible Game is back with lots of news!

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    Fluke Games is bringing The Impossible Game back to mobile devices, a 2009 game that came out for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC, Android, iOS and PSP. The game's sequel, The Impossible Game 2, was announced later this week and will be coming to Android and iOS.

    The Impossible Game 2 is a rhythmic platform game that most likely inspired the mobile hit Geometry Dash, released 4 years after the first Fluke Games game.

    In the first game, we players control a cube with jumps and we have to avoid obstacles, as we go through the levels, the jumps fit into the rhythm of the music. In The Impossible Game 2 we have a real evolution, keeping the basics of the game, jumping and avoiding obstacles, but with a ton of additions that can change the gameplay a lot.

    In the new sequel, the first revamped thing to notice is the graphics. Unlike the minimalism of the first game, with dead colors and dull scenery, in The Impossible Game 2 we have much more vivid colors, an art style more drawn to a cartoon and very beautiful scenarios.

    Other additions that you can check out in the announcement trailer below are enemies that shoot projectiles, and weapons, which we, simple cubes, can acquire during the run and eliminate obstacles. Still in terms of enemies, the game will feature boss fights, which proves to be quite interesting.


    A Battle Royale of up to 60 people will be available and with an online multiplayer mode that will be present at launch, but we don't know if it will allow you to play with friends or maybe even strangers. The royale mode will be cross-platform between iOS and Android platforms.

    Another important feature is the level editor, which will allow the player to build their own level, where players can export or share created levels with friends.

    Developer Ed Bentley also confirmed that the game will be ad-free and without pay-to-win, players will be able to play almost every level for free, just like Battle Royale. To monetize, the creator of the game will make available in The Impossible Game 2, a “battle pass”, with skins, elements for the level editor and an in-game skateboard.

    The Impossible Game 2 does not yet have a release date announced, but it is already in early access on Android and iOS, and interested players can sign up via the game's official website.

    Source: Touch Arcade,

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