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    The Conduit HD – Free Android Game (To Try)

     The Conduit, game previously released for Nintendo Wii, arrived at Android with killer graphics. The game is exclusive to smartphones and tablets with Integra 3 and can be found in TegraZone like on the Play Store. Check out how the game turned out.

    The Conduit HD for Android is free to download (Photo: Disclosure)

    The story revolves around the alien invasion of the USA. The invading race of aliens uses Conduits, devices that create portals, to initiate the invasion. An organization called the Trust sends Ford, a new agent (you), to the area to find out the reasons for the attack.

    The game's graphics were very close to those of the Nintendo Wii (sometimes even better). The Conduit HD is free to download, but only the first two levels are available for testing. after that you will have to buy the game in order to proceed.

    Link to download version of Android (2.3, 4.0 or higher)

    [originally published March 30, 2013]

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