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    The Best Teams (comps) for Genshin Impact

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    We have already shown in a previous article which best characters de Genshin impact. But you need to know how to assemble your team, after all, synergy between characters is essential.

    Check now what are the best teams or “comps” as players often call it.

    Most of the comps you'll see here are with characters that need to be earned through the game's banners.

    – Synergy between characters (Guides Elemental Resonance)

    The correct synergy of your team members is the key to success in Genshin Impact. It is recommended to have 2 characters of the same element, preferably the DPS (character that will deal more damage) and its support. This will increase your energy regeneration and damage output. Your other 2 characters should be from elements that can apply other elemental debuffs with their skills to deal a lot of damage to enemies.

    Geo Durability

    Increases resistance to interruptions. When shielded, increases Attack Damage by 15%.


    Pyro's Passion

    Reduces the duration of Cryo (freezing) effects by 40%. Increases the team's attack by 25%.


    Hydro cure

    Fire effects affect 40% .Healing increases by 30%.


    Anemo's Agility (great for exploring the map)

    Reduces Stamina consumption by 15%. Increases Speed ​​and Movement by 10%. Decreases skill cooldown by 5%.


    Electro energy

    Reduces duration of water effects by 40%. Superconducting, Overload and Electrically Charged have a 100% chance to generate an Electro Elemental Particle (this particle charges the ultimate faster).


    Cryo impact

    Reduces the duration of Electro affixes by 40%. Increases crit rate against enemies frozen or affected by Cryo by 15%.

    How does Elemental Resonance work? Simply place two characters of the same element on the Team.

    The tip for the beginning of the game is to assemble a team with two characters with Anemo. Having a team like that gives you a lot of Stamina and that helps a lot when climbing and flying over the map. You'll have absurd stamina and you'll be able to explore 100% of Genshin Impact's starting map.

    Resonance between characters also gives more energy points than decrease the time until you use an “ultimate” ability again.

    With Resonance and without Elemental Resonance between characters. When having Resonance, the “ultimate” ability charges faster.

    – Elemental Reaction! Asynergy of elemental skills and moves (combos)

    In addition to the synergy between characters of equal elementals, there is also the Elemental Reaction of blows and abilities. This is something that can go unnoticed at the beginning of the game, when you only think about “leveling”. But by adventure level 10, it already makes a huge difference when facing bigger bosses.

    Combining different elements in combat is the key to success in Genshin Impact, as it makes it possible to perform many combos. See some examples.

    These names that appear are for extra damage when combining attacks from multiple characters.

    To perform these moves, you need to release each character's skill or ultimate. It seems obvious, but it has to be said that you will need to switch characters mid-combat to activate the effect. The effect will be described on the screen.



    Extra fire damage.



    Creates a crystal barrier that will provide a shield for a limited time.

    electrically charged


    Extra electricity damage.



    Freeze the target.

    To melt


    Extra damage (thermal shock). Attacks will deal 2x more damage.



    Area fire damage.



    Cold area damage and reduces target's resistance by 50%.



    Extra damage and spreads the effect over a large area, hitting multiple enemies.



    Extra damage over time, same effect as Electro-Charged .


    – The Best Teams

    Once you understand the synergy between characters and abilities, it's time to get to know the best team combinations in Genshin Impact.

    Without a doubt the best DPS in the game is Diluc. The character is very strong and inflicts a lot of damage power. You can combine it with Xiangling which has a lot of area damage. The two together offers a powerful combination. The combo setup is great and you can use Fischl for Overload or Venti for Swirl. You can trade Venti for the protagonist.

    Below you can see an image from the site This is one of the best sites to look for tips about the game.

    In this team, Barbara can combo with either Razor or Fish and Xiangling. A great comp for any situation. Additionally, Razor and Fischl use resonance to generate elemental particle that charges the ultimate faster.


    You can also assemble teams without any resonance, just taking advantage of elemental combos.




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