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    The Best PlayStation (PS1) Games for Android (Emulator)

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    Check out the 50 best games of the first PlayStation (PS1) to play on your smartphone or tablet with Android. many of them were modified to Spanish from Spain.

    The PlayStation 1 (PSOne) was the console that started Sony's hegemony in video games. Born from an unsuccessful partnership with Nintendo, the PS1 is a milestone in gaming history.

    The best-selling video game of the 5th generation, the platform popularly known as PlayStation 1 is made up of the first Sony console, released in 1994 (Japan), and its remodeled version, known as PSOne. Both have identical hardware, changing only a few accessories and external look.

    With a lot of innovation compared to the consoles of the 16-bit era, the PlayStation 1 took competitors by surprise. It was not a pioneer, but it brought three-dimensional (3D) graphics to the masses at a very low cost to both Sony and the consumer.

    It was also the console that popularized CD media, which had much more data than outdated and expensive cartridges. Along with the popularization of CDs, piracy also came, which helped Sony's console to become popular in emerging countries, such as Spain.

    – PlayStation hardware and its limitations

    Before we get into the emulators issue, let's talk a little about the PlayStation hardware. Nowadays, emulation apps can play games much better than Sony's own video game. But how so?

    The PlayStation 1 was a disruptive machine for its time. However, some important 3D techniques were left out of the video game. This is normal, as every video game maker tends to cut costs. With Nintendo, SEGA and even Sony, it was no different.

    The most notorious flaw of the PS1 is the absence of a floating point unit (FPU). Essential for more accurate geometry calculations, the absence of an FPU brought several performance problems and development difficulties to the system.

    However, the biggest problem is visual. When playing on an old tube TV, everything seems to go well. But when connecting the video game to any modern TV (Led, LCD or Plasma) the look is horrible.

    This is due to the absence of several techniques that were left out due to the lack of an FPU. Among the techniques, we can mention MIP Mapping and Z-Buffering. Thanks to the lack of these two, the polygons and textures on the PS1 tend to “shake”. This is most evident when playing on a high resolution display, such as on smartphones. In addition to having many serrations.

    This is where current emulators for Android devices come in. Most of them manage to handle the generated images very well and drastically reduce these negative effects. In the case of ePSXe, it is even possible to make the graphics better than in the original video game, increasing the resolution and applying anti-aliasing filters.

    – The PS1 Emulators

    To enjoy the games better, I recommend using a Bluetooth or USB controller. Both emulators support controls. If you are going to use the emulators on an Android Box, you can rest assured that it is possible to play with 2 controllers without much difficulty.

    Both emulators automatically detect controls. But it is possible to play with on-screen commands.

    Both emulators mentioned here recognize controls automatically. But if you don't have a physical control, that's fine. By default, they display commands on the screen.

    1. ePSXe

    ePSXe is by far the best Playstation 1 emulator for Android. This is the mobile variant of one of the most versatile emulators on the PC. With it, it is possible to use several different BIOSes, run compressed ROMs and use “save states”.

    But its main differentiator is the openGL plugin. It dramatically improves PS1 games. Especially on devices with a large screen. Ideal for smartphones with a FullHD or Quad HD screen, that is, literally any smartphone today.

    However, it should be noted that the openGL plugin will demand much more from the device. Depending on the smartphone, it may present some lags, if you demand too much with a lot of anti-aliasing, for example.

    Click to enlarge and see more details. On the left without OpenGL plugin and with Plugin on the right. note the better applied antialiasing and transparencies.

    ePSXe is paid, and for many, this is the emulator's main flaw. However, I can say that the investment is worth it, especially if you are a fan of retrogaming.

    Download ePSXe Emulator (PAID) and thePlugin OpenGL.

    2. FPSe

    FPSe is the option for anyone looking for an easier-to-use emulator. Easy to configure, it comes with a custom native bios. In other words, just download it, a game and start playing.

    But being too simple has its downsides. FPSe doesn't offer as many PS1 emulation and graphics tuning options. However, if you just want to emulate the original console, without stressing your phone, this emulator is the best option.

    The day I downloaded FPSe, it was free (good luck). Follow our blog to find out again when it will be free again.

    Download FPSe Emulator .

    – Notices

    The games featured in this top were chosen based on my personal experience with the PlayStation 1.

    As you all know, I'm not young at all, but one of the advantages of age was following the launch of the PS1 from its rumors, through its announcement in magazines, its launch and the arrival at video game stores (Rá, he thought I was rich right?)

    I played tirelessly until the first PC emulators like Bleem arrived! and Connectix Virtual Game Station. When I was finally able to play classics other than those with a more arcade feel or that took a few hours to beat.

    It took years until I acquired the first PSOne that I later ended up selling to buy the PlayStation 2, but that story is for another article, let's get to the games.

    – 50 best games for PlayStation 1

    Initially it will only be 50 games, but soon I will expand the list to 100 games.

    1. Resident Evil 2

    Resident Evil 1 is the sequel to a classic that popularized the fear of opening porting in games at video game stores. At each door, a new scare. But the sequel with the biggest story and biggest development, features two campaigns and two remarkable characters. The sister of the first game's co-star Claire Redfield and franchise darling Leon Kennedy.

    It was one of the first games I played that had two campaigns. For the present day, the controls will seem a little strange, but it takes about 20 minutes and you get used to it. The game has alternative versions with subtitles and even dubs in Spanish. One of the best PlayStation 1 games to emulate on Android.

    Resident Evil 2 marked the childhood of the guys, the game won a remake on PS4 that is as good as the original.

    2.Metal Gear Solid

    A stealth action classic with a great plot, lots of dialogue and remarkable characters. Metal Gear Solid is not the first game in the franchise, but it was the one that gave great scope to one of the most popular series of video games.

    I played this game on both video store and emulator. One of the most different and fun games for the time. Who was used to shooting at everything, had to get used to stealth missions and use the "cuca" for battles, such as against Psycho Mantis. There were people who didn't believe that it was necessary to take control of Door 1 and put it on Door 2 to finally defeat the villain.

    It also has ROM subtitled in Spanish.

    3. Castlevania Symphony of the Night

    Another Konami classic. Despite being recently released for Android, here is our rating as one of the best, if not, the best game to beat on the PlayStation 1 emulator on Android. Guys, what a delightful game.

    Released in 1997, Castlevania Symphony of the Night was not a success right away, as the media focus was on 3D games. However, the game was gaining “word of mouth” from the crowd. The gothic art, the striking soundtrack, and above all, the killer gameplay, make this one of the biggest hits on the PS1.

    Control Alucard and Richer Belmont in a desperate battle to seal Count Dracula's castle forever. An unforgettable adventure that has ROM dubbed and subtitled in Spanish.

    4.Street Fighter Alpha 2

    “Dario, why not Street Fighter Alpha 3?” Well, if you've seen our top 25 PPSSPP games, you know that the PSP version is the best Alpha/Zero, with 2 more exclusive characters.

    And as I don't like to keep repeating games, I put Street Fighter Alpha 2 from Play 1 for variety. If you know the franchise and prefer 3, you can go "head" buddy.

    In this classic fighting game from the 90's, Ryu, Ken and company will fight each other in incredible matches with a visual that is still beautiful today. You can't help but be enchanted by Ryu's stage or that scenario with vegetation and a storm in the background (Field of Fate).

    Street Fighter Alpha 2 is still remembered as one of the best games in the franchise, thanks to the V-Trigger, with its ability to assemble combos using creativity.

    5.Final Fantasy VIII

    Here we have the first sign of common sense divergence. I know that Final Fantasy VII is a wonderful, unforgettable RPG that recently received a remake. But I'll tell you something, the old version of the game never "clicked" me. I could never like FF7 like I like its remake (which together with the movie and Crisis Core, from PSP, make a perfect trilogy!).

    Returning to FF8, the saga with a platonic romance bias caught me. The beautiful CGs and the fact that they are 4 CDS made me fall headlong into the story.

    The big culprit for me not liking the original version of FF7 so much was “The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time”. When the N64 game came out I couldn't play anything else. Then I jumped straight to FF8.

    Final Fantasy VIII is one of those games that changes completely thanks to mods and rom hacks. The game has versions with improved visuals and Spanish subtitles. Despite this, I'm still waiting for the remaster of FF8 (which came out for PC) to arrive on Android.

    6. Gran Turismo 2

    Gran Turismo 2 is a classic. The first “real racing simulator” I've played and that on the ePSXe emulator looks amazing. Thanks to the plugin with OpenGL, the graphics can be enriched and it is even possible to increase the resolution.

    Grand Turismo has a big difference in relation to other games of the genre. He teaches you to be a professional, through the licenses.

    A wide range of challenges ranging from drag races to endurance events that take hours.

    There are more than 600 cars. The simulation mode has four areas with automakers from all over the world. You'll have to prove your skills by taking licenses to drive cars and climb the rankings. A racing game that really gives you purpose and desire to finish the game at 100%.

    It also has ROM in Spanish.

    7. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

    Before God of War was voted one of the best 3D action games, I played Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver on PC and Playstation 1. Of course, I much preferred the PC version that was dubbed in Spanish.

    But guess what modders did? That's right, the guys modified the PS1 version and put it in Spanish too.

    Soul Reaver's intro is legendary. One of the most memorable openings of my childhood. “An eternity passed and my torment disappeared, pulling me off the precipice of madness. The fall destroyed me and yet, I survived.”

    A clan of vampires comes into conflict after one of their underlings has evolved beyond the master. Dead, he manages to come back to life a thousand years later and now sucks souls and seeks revenge. An unforgettable game, with a very good game design. Everything is excellent here, scenarios, boss fights, story, ending. All!

    I could spend hours talking about how excellent the level design is, since you can switch between the real and the spiritual world, accessing both to complete challenges and be able to follow people, but let's stop there.

    8.Tekken 3

    Probably the game that I spent the most money on those rental stores by time. I played Tekken 3 until practically my fingers went numb. One of the best fighting games of all time, and also one of the most technical.

    Whoever thinks that playing Tekken 3 is just choosing Eddy, you can't imagine the beating that this char took to my Jin Kazama and his counters.

    Playing Tekken 3 on mobile requires an obligatory controller. This is the only way to take advantage of everything the game and its characters can do in terms of combos, counters, cancels, throws and specials.

    Tekken 3 was already beautiful by nature, and perhaps doesn't benefit much from the ePSXe emulator with OpenGL plugin. It also has a Spanish version, but that doesn't bring much to the game.

    9. Silent Hill

    The first visit to Silent Hill you will never forget. Harry Mason has been in a car accident and wakes up without his daughter around. Right there is Silent Hill, a city full of fog. What looks like a seemingly abandoned city, turns into a real hell.

    Perhaps the psychological horror game that popularized the genre, Silent Hill appeals not to jump scares, but to moments of rising tension. A game full of bizarre creatures and strange moments. To this day it will give you goosebumps.

    The good news is that there is already a Spanish version that helps a lot, as the game is full of puzzles and riddles to solve.

    10. Medal of Honor

    Nowadays it's easy to imagine what first-person shooter and war games would be like, but seeing Medal of Honor and its realistic (for the time) setting for the first time was something very impactful to me. I got access to the game shortly after watching “Saving Private Ryan”, so imagine the hype.

    An amazing shooting game. I know, he's pretty ugly by today's standards. But believe me, at that time first-person shooters weren't the unanimity they are today.

    Legend has it that Steven Spielbergg came up with the idea of ​​creating his own shooter after seeing his daughter playing GoldenEya 007 on the N64.

    The title features 24 levels with a good story and a lot of heroism. The game exploits the multimedia capabilities of Sony's 32-bit console like few others. The audio of this game makes envy and a lot of game today.

    11. Mega Man 8

    Those who follow our YouTube channel must have already noticed how much we love the songs from the Mega Man series. The Blue Robot Saga is one of my favorite Super Nintendo games. On PlayStation 1 we saw it expand in a unique way.

    Mega Man's first PS1 adventure again features Doctor Willy as the villain. Filled with much nicer graphics than on the Super Nintendo, 8 also features animated scenes that were a big plus at the time. In this episode, Mega Man can mix attacks from different weapons to create unprecedented effects.

    12. Mega Man X4 (and others)

    Mega Man was really big in the 90s, there was even that TV series that debuted in 1995 on SBT.

    The formula with 2D visuals and non-interactive anime-style scenes worked so well that Mega Man gained a new status on Playstation 1. In 1997 we were presented with Mega Man X4, one of the most explosive episodes of the franchise.

    X4 maintains the narrative style of the other games, with a hunt against Sigma and his cronies. The difference was the possibility to choose Zero from the beginning. Highlight for the battle of Zero vs Sigma, one of the most impactful scenes in the entire franchise. At that time, we didn't care much for the story of Mega Man X (due to lack of English understanding), but the animated scenes of X4 helped a lot to trace a new style for the series, much more focused on the characters' history.

    Oh and speaking of history, this is another game that has a ROM in Spanish as well.

    13. Ace Combat 2

    Another game that I probably ruined the CD from playing so much. Ace Combat 2 improves everything over the previous game and brings a very fun pick-up-and-zero pace.

    It even has a story, but you probably won't pay attention to it. The challenge is to face the 30 missions with varied planes and moments of great tension.

    Some levels are very well thought out like one where you use an F177-A at night and another where you chase a spy plane at high altitude above the clouds. The phase where we have to blow up a “Space Bomber Shuttle” before launch is sinister and at the same time emblematic.


    14. Parasite Eve 1 e 2

    In our minds in the late '90s, Parasite Eve was kind of Square's (at the time just Soft) answer to the success of Resident Evil.

    But in reality the game was much more RPG than Survival Horror. With the idea of ​​making a more adult game, Square bet on a darker theme and even a certain level of eroticism.

    Aya Brea is a beautiful New York policewoman who is going to investigate the strange supernatural events that took place in a theater. People spontaneously combust and bizarre creatures appear in part of the city.

    The second game shows a great evolution in terms of visuals, but leaves the RPG aside and invests more in Survival Horror. However, this Parasite Eve 2 looks amazing with the ePSXe emulator with OpenGL Plugin, it even looks like a Dreamcast game.

    Both games have versions in Spanish.

    15. Bloody Roar

    Bloody Roar is a rare case of a game that I think was more successful in Spain than in other countries. Around here, when arriving at the rental store, it was certain that the game was already rented and the crowd was “frying” on the controls.

    The fighting game in which the characters transform into animals was one of the kids' favorites. Frantic fights and mind-blowing combos.

    However, like other games you'll see here, this was a wonderful franchise that had little or no success at the time. But I highly recommend it, very fun.

    16. Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

    Tenchu: Stealth Assassins is a stealth action-adventure game developed by Acquire and published by Sony Music Entertainment Japan in Japan and Activision in the West.

    Tenchu ​​uses stealth gameplay and is set in feudal Japan. With the possibility of avoiding enemies and attacking them without having to go into direct confrontation, the game gave the player a lot of creativity when going through the missions.

    Rikimaru and Ayame move through the shadows to approach their enemies. Each has a unique ability, but both can use a rope grappling hook that helps them “go off the map” and access hidden areas. It's very reminiscent of the kind of gameplay we have today in console games like the Batman Arkham series.

    A simple 3D action game that looks ugly but is a delight to play.

    17. Soul Edge / Blade

    A lot of people think that the Soul Calibur franchise was born on the Dreamcast. But the acclaimed melee fighting series got its start, actually with Soul Edge (Soul Blade in the US) back in 1996. And damn, what a beautiful game. Soul Edge has one of the best PlayStation 1 intros of all time.

    Developed by the Soul team, the game was practically a showcase of what the console could do. Every technique he could was applied to Soul Edge with impressive effects. The end result was so good that Soul Edge on PS1 is almost identical to the Arcade version. The game even had grassy scenes! Grass in full PS1 era.

    In addition to the story and arcade mode, Soul Edge still contained the Edge Master mode, in which the player walks through a map and faces challenges with varied missions.

    19. Crash Bandicoot: Warped

    Released in 1998, Crash Bandicoot: Warped is the third and most entertaining chapter of Sony's mascot saga.

    Produced by none other than Naughty Dog, Crash will enlist the help of his sister Coco. The addition of the new character helps with the variety of gameplay, which was already showing its first signs of fatigue after Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back.

    In Warped, we'll walk through different moments in history. Race over the Great Wall of China or accelerate deep into the desert. The game offers a good replay factor. After clearing there are still items to unlock in the already open stages.

    Another game that has a ROM in Spanish.

    20. Tobal No. 1

    This Virtua Fighter with characters by Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball Z) is still an enigma to me today.

    The game copies moves from other hard-nosed fighting games. Some character moves are reminiscent of Virtua Fighter and Tekken. In its sequel Tobal N° 2, it is much more like Tekken than Virtua Fighter.

    Tobal Nº 1 is one of those weird games that only those who lived in the 90s will remember. The game has arcade mode, but what caught my attention was the Quest Mode. In this mode, the player faces a dungeon full of enemies and traps.

    The game became popular not for its quality, but for containing a demo of Final Fantasy VII. One of the most anticipated games of that time.

    21. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

    Unlike the Super Nintendo and Mega Drive, the PlayStation 1 was created with an older audience in mind. SNES and Mega were clearly meant to be sold in toy stores. Sony wanted its new console to appeal to an audience in their 20s.

    So it was common to see games with more interesting topics for this audience. A good example of this was the release of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

    When one of the biggest names in the sport at the time lends his imprint to one of the most successful games on the PS1. With accessible controls and a killer soundtrack, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is an addictive game.

    At the time, the simple fact that the game had a list of songs with punk rock hits, already made us put the TV sound to maximum.

    22.Final Fantasy Tactics

    You know that game that you pick up and think: “it must be cool”, and in reality it's amazing. Final Fantasy Tactics before all the fame was that kind of game. The game was not unanimous at the time, but over time it gained a legion of fans.

    With themes that involve politics and religion, Tactics is far from the teen dramas covered in FFVII and FFVIII. Two young friends from different social classes take opposite paths as conflicts in the kingdom of Ivalice unfold.

    A game with many subplots and even travelers from a parallel universe.

    In terms of gameplay, the game has a Jobs system that allows you to completely change your characters. The combats are in turns with the scenario simulating a board. Attacking from behind or on high ground grants advantages.

    But what is really surprising is the plot. One of the best story RPG games in the entire franchise. Rivaling even with FFVII. Fortunately, Final Fantasy Tactics has a ROM in Spanish. It is also worth checking out the PSP version, which has a subtitle War of the Lions and which also has a ROM in Spanish.

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    23. Vagrant Story

    Released back in the 2000s, Vagrant Story closes Squaresoft's cycle on PS1 in a farewell tone. It was a time when Square already dominated Sony's console hardware. For example, unlike FF games, the game was completely in 3D, without pre-rendered scenarios. The characters had facial expressions and more.

    Not being allied with any major franchise, Yasumi Matsuno and the FF Tactics production team had carte blanche to create a different and unique game.

    The game is an RPG, but during development, the team experimented so much that the game wasn't even considered an RPG before release.

    Vagrant Story served as a "laboratory" for the development of various techniques that Square would use in future Final Fantasy games. The game takes place in the same universe as FF Tactics and FFXII. With political intrigue and a more adult feel.

    The story focuses on the character Ashley Riot, an elite agent known as Riskbreaker, who must travel to Leá Monde to investigate the connection between a cult leader and a senior member of the Valendian Parliament, Duke Bardorba. In the prologue, Ashley is accused of murdering the Duke, and the game divulges the events that take place a week before the murder.

    24.Final Fantasy VII

    We arrived at the much-loved Final Fantasy VII.

    The game that changed the market's perception of JRPG narratives, Final Fantasy VII was budgeted at astronomical values ​​for the time, around US$ 80 million dollars.

    Interestingly, the game began to be developed for Super Nintendo. But due to technical difficulties, the project was moved to PlayStation.

    With a brilliant plot that involves themes such as ecoterrorism, depression, teen romance, crossdressing, hope and murder. Final Fantasy VII is a work with shocking twists and an apotheotic ending.

    Follow the adventures of former Soldier Cloud Strife against the fearsome organization Shinra and the villainous Sephiroth.

    In terms of gameplay, FF7 debuted a combat system called Active Time Battle. Battles are revitalized with a Materia system and the famous “Limit Breaks”

    25.Final Fantasy IX

    By far, in my opinion, the best episode of Final Fantasy. FF9 is a jovial adventure without major controversial issues and focused on romance in an "adventurous" tone.

    After two futuristic-themed games, Final Fantasy returns to medieval themes. Zidane is originally a thief, but after meeting Garnet, he will become a hero.

    Characters have defined classes, but can learn new tricks as they accumulate Ability Points.

    There is already an HD remaster for smartphones. The PS9 FF1 emulation on Android is worth it only because of the ROM in Spanish, ideal for following the history of this wonderful game.

    Final Fantasy IX ends the franchise on PS1 with a flourish and sets the stage for PS2.

    26. Driver

    Have you ever thought about living in a time when GTA-style open world games didn't even exist?

    In fact, we already had GTA at that time. But the little game with aerial view and half-assed graphics, to be honest, never caught my attention.

    On the other hand, Driver was the action-packed, visually stunning car chase game that everyone wanted to play.

    In this 1999 game, you are an undercover cop who goes to work for the bad guys. The game is full of missions with car chases inspired by the action movies of the 70s.

    Two years before GTA III, Driver had all the gameplay of a GTA, with the exception of getting out of the cars. Something that would only be achieved in the weak Driver 2 sequel.


    Spiderman for PS1 was Spider-Man's first 3D adventure. The webhead investigates an imposter who is impersonating him and stole an invention from Doctor Octopus.

    One of the highlights of the game was the freedom to swing from web to web between buildings looking for villains and missions.

    At that time, companies already had a good knowledge of the PlayStation hardware and were able to bring games with a very beautiful look for the time. Spiderman, for example, doesn't look bad when emulated in ePSXe with an OpenGL plugin.

    But like Metal Gear Solid, Spiderman's highlight was not betting on too flashy CGs. The game's cutscenes reflect the in-game graphics.

    With precise controls and ease of movement, which gave you the freedom to complete missions as you wish, the game fell in love with the crowd. One of the highlights was the “What if?” mode. that allowed replaying the game with a kind of “new game+”, the story seems the same, but there are slight differences.

    28. Siphon Filter 1, 2 and 3

    In the business of secret agent games, in the late 90s, the Nintendo 64 had the brilliant 007 Goldeneye, and the PlayStation was not far behind.

    The Siphon Filter series is little talked about these days, but it is one of the best 3D platform action games. There are three exciting games on PS1 (the rest are out for PSP and PS2).

    Developed by studio 989 in partnership with Sony, in this action trilogy, the player must prevent a criminal from using the fearsome biological weapon Siphon Filter.

    The games mix stealth action and shooting in which precision is required. Some missions require an understanding of English to know which objective to complete. I remember spending hours not really understanding what it was like to go through some missions that required stealth attacks and how rewarding it was to go through them. It was one of the games that stimulated me to learn English.

    Unfortunately there are no translated ROMs for this game.

    29. Dino Crisis

    After creating Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami wanted to create new storylines, still using the same RE base. The result was one of the most overlooked and at the same time acclaimed PS1 games, Dino Crisis.

    Dino Crisis is literally Resident Evil with dinosaurs. It bets on the same elements as: a well-trained tactical group, but not prepared for the atypical situation and a “flashy” protagonist.

    Despite the low creativity in the plot and proposal, the game excels in gameplay with scenarios and challenges very well done.

    There are 3 games in the franchise released on PS1 and that have ROMs in Spanish.

    30. Need for Speed

    Originally released for 3DO, Need for Speed ​​arrived on PlayStation in 1996. The racing game was different from other titles until then. The focus was on real road racing trips and not on closed circuits (although there are tracks like that too).

    The game was produced in collaboration with Road & Track magazine. That's why, at the time, it was common to find it with the name of Road & Track presents Need for Speed.

    With non-interactive scenes filmed, a good soundtrack and the most realistic gameplay possible (for the time), I bet on the more adult audience, car lovers. The game featured vehicles from renowned brands such as Porche and Ferrari with a mini-documentary about each car, with detailed information.

    Practically the Forza Horizon of my time.

    I remember reading a magazine (I think it was Super Game Power) on how to code to play games on the Moon.

    31. Road Rash

    Also from EA, Road Rash was originally released for Mega Drive in 1991. Interestingly, the game won a version for 5th generation consoles that is practically a remaster.

    The game on PS1 has much better graphics, infinitely better audio, cool music and cutscenes beyond wacky. The fun of this game is the dark humor.

    Travel on a motorcycle through cities across the United States blasting the police, your opponents and even pedestrians. All this in one of the most politically incorrect games of the time.

    You can punch your enemies, hit them with chains or throw them in front of oncoming cars. The funniest thing was falling off the bike and having to be careful not to get run over. From aggressor, you become a victim in seconds.

    Going back to the cutscenes, they are hilarious and represent all the weirdest things that happened in the 90s. Lots of sexism, masculine ideals to the fullest and of course, no respect for others or the law.

    32. Marvel vs Capcom, X-men vs Street Fighter e Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

    Nowadays crossover is something natural, but the partnership between Capcom and Marvel was something unimaginable at the time.

    Due to the large collection of fighting games that CAPCOM poured (and did well) on the PS1, we're going to group a few games together so we don't pollute our top 100 too much.

    X-men vs Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom are three exquisite fighting games in which the company has brought all the best from the CPS2 arcade board.

    The partnership came by surprise in X-men vs Street Fighter in 1998. The game surprised by the scale of the sprites and the dimension of the characters' powers, which showed that they were no joke.

    To compete with Marvel's pantheon of heroes and villains, the powers of Capcom's characters were raised to the maximum, which drew attention to those who thought the Hadoukens "ball of fire" too strong.

    Although my favorite is X-men vs Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom are much better evolutions of the franchise.

    However, I confess that I played on PS1 plus X-men and Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter. When Marvel vs Capcom arrived I preferred to play the Dreamcast version or jump to Marvel vs Capcom 2, also on the Dreamcast which arrived in 1999. Immediate addiction!

    33. Mortal Kombat Trilogy

    When the PlayStation finally arrived, Mortal Kombat was already one of the most established fighting game franchises on the market. Despite this, the series had many problems in its adaptation to the 3D world. Mortal Kombat 4 let it be said, despite being fun, it looked very clunky.

    The same didn't happen with MK Trilogy. The game, which is a union of MK1, MK2 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, is the right stop for those nostalgic for mortal combat.

    With 37 characters in total (including the MK1 versions of Raiden and Kano), Mortal Kombat Trilogy is the perfect package for anyone looking to do fatalities, brutalities, etc. The game was excellent on PS1 with great audio and scenarios with better visuals than the Saturn and Nintendo 64 versions.

    34. Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero

    Considered by many to be a horrible game, I found Mythologies: Sub-Zero to be one of the best ideas Midway had back in the day. A game to explore and expand the MK lore.

    The controls were a bit controversial, but after half an hour of playing, anyone would be used to it.

    As the ninja Sub-Zero, the player enters the Netherealm to challenge Quan Chi, one of the villains of Mortal Kombat 4. The game does exactly what it says, expands the mythology of the Sub-Zero character explaining his connection with Scorpion and the clan. Lin Kuei.

    As if that weren't enough, the PS1 version has non-interactive scenes in Full Motion Video, with full screen in great resolution for the time. The N64 version was far behind for not having this narrative feature.

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    35. The King of Fighters 97

    I know The King of Fighters series since its release for Neo Geo. But even in the cartridge version, loading was a problem. The video game didn't last long at the video store where I played, and soon there was only the PS1 and Saturn to test fighting games.

    The King of Fighters 97 was definitely KOF that I played the most on PlayStation. I know there are better KOFs for Sony's system, but the one at the heart is KOF'97. It was the SNK game I played the most with friends in fun afternoons trying to escape Ralf's “Socão” or trying to beat all the characters.

    36. Capcom vs SNK

    To close this fighting game section, let's go to one of the best crossovers that many thought was unimaginable back in the 90s. You might think that SNK and Capcom together would be the most obvious thing in the world, but nowadays, it would be the same as join DC and Marvel.

    The partnership between the two fighting game giants yielded three games, however, only one of them ended up on the Playstation 1. Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 was produced entirely by Capcom, but adding new mechanics to the “Street Fighter” way of being. It was a relief to see the entire SNK hall with new sprites made by Cap.

    A phenomenal fighting game that will fuel the nostalgia of many old-timers. The highlight for the game's arts that were divided between two masters of the time: Kinu Nishimura and Toshiaki “Shinkiro” Mori.

    37. Crash Team Racing

    One of the great assets of Nintendo's consoles has always been to have the crazy franchise of kart games, Mario Kart. When Crash Team Racing was introduced, many thought it was a mere copy. What a mistake. Crash Team Racing is a sensational and addictive racing game that was even released for Symbian and iOS under the name Crash Bandicoot: Nitro Kart 3D.

    But even with Crash Bandicoot: Nitro Kart 3D for Symbian and IOS being considered a pseudo-sequel, the first game remains unsurpassed as one of the most fun of the entire franchise.

    38. Nightmare Creatures 1 e 2

    Want to imagine what a Bloodborne would be like on Playstation 1? The answer would likely be Nightmare Creatures. The “dark” themed game developed by Kalisto Entertainment is an adventure game that bets on action mixed with exploration of 3D scenarios.

    Despite the bad graphics and the “paper” appearance of the enemies, the foundations of games of the genre were laid there, which perhaps (I said perhaps) inspired the creators of games like Dark Souls.

    In Nightmare Creatures, the story revolves around a secret cult called "The Brotherhood of Hecate". They make bizarre experiments with bodies turning the corpses into beings with "Super Powers".

    39. Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue

    Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue! is an action game where you control Buzz Lightyear and need to rescue the other toys. The 3D game is very well made for the time, with a detailed representation of Andy's house.

    The player can climb objects in the house and search at will. This is precisely the purpose of the game, since to pass the level it is necessary to explore the entire house. Highlight for the graphics that were very beautiful. A good 3D action game that even had a first-person shooter.

    40. Mega Man Legends 2

    Released at the very end of the PS1 generation, Capcom developers also knew how to squeeze every pixel and bit out of Sony's console. Proof of this is Megaman Legends 2, a game that he was already dating Cel Shading even before the technique became popular on the Playstation 2.

    This critically and publicly acclaimed RPG was released in 2000 and only arrived in the west in 2001. Now for the best part. There is a Romhack in Spanish!

    In Mega Man Legends 2, an unknown world dwells underground on the planet. There is a mysterious treasure called "Mother Lode".

    With about 10 hours of gameplay, this game demonstrates all the power of Sony's console, which by the way, lost to the competitor Nintendo 64. Still, a beautiful adventure that is even more beautiful on the ePSXe emulator.

    41. Time Crisis

    The arrival of a new console is always marked by a lot of innovation. When the SEGA Saturn arrived in my city, it came with “Light Guns”, just light guns, and we went crazy with Virtua Cop. But Sony also had its game in the same vein, and like it or not, it looked a lot better. Of course I'm talking about Time Crisis.

    Times Crisis could also be played on controller, in addition to the light gun, and that was the big difference. The game wasn't bad. Another difference was that the story was nice to follow. A fun on-rails shooter.

    42. Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete

    One thing that youngsters need to understand is that in the 90s, non-interactive scenes were something to be “jaw-dropping”. We played a lot of games just to try to unlock some scene, and when it was with an anime look, even better. It was a different time when media consumption was not as instantaneous as it is today.

    Lunar: Silver Star Story is a traditional JRPG with 2D characters, the highlight is the non-interactive scenes, all in anime format. That traditional 90's anime look. Very good. Lunar's differential was precisely that, it abused dazzling scenes in full screen. A novelty for the time.

    43. International Superstar Soccer Pro e Winning Eleven (futuro Pro Evolution Soccer)

    The history of football games began to change since the release of International Superstar Soccer Pro / Winning Eleven on Playstation 1. There was already a culture of creating modified versions (on the SNES as Futebol Español 96) but with the sophistication of the graphics, there were also sophistication in mods.

    Modders created increasingly elaborate versions and paved the way for the famous “patch bomb”.

    Both ISS Pro and Winning Eleven were a huge success in Spain. I don't know how it went in the rest of the world, but around here, the feeling was that Konami's football franchise had run over the competition by a large margin.

    44. Tomb Raider III

    The late nineties, there was a concept of virtual muses. On the Playstation, Lara Croft dominated. The character starred in 3 games on the platform, the third being the most elaborate of them.

    The archeologist will have to investigate several places in the world, passing through Antarctica and up to Area 51. Legendary stones are mirrored around the world and it's up to the heroine to recover them. The gameplay is the same as in previous titles, which mixes tomb exploration with puzzle solving.

    45.Metal Slug

    Although basically the entire franchise is available on Android, the classic Metal Slug couldn't be missing.

    The game follows the pattern of any self-respecting “run and gun”. Just run and shoot. The rest is pure fun with crazy characters making a lot of messes.

    With simple, straightforward gameplay and slapstick humor, Metal Slug quickly became one of kids' favorite games.

    The whole thing about getting fat if you eat too much or being turned into a mummy drew immediate laughter at the video store where I played.

    46.Rival School

    Some Capcom franchises were stuck in the 90s and 2000s. A good example is Rival School. This fighting game follows the tag pattern where you play choose two characters. Fights are in doubles.

    The cast of 14 fighters includes Sakura who first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 2. The Playstation 1 version of the game has an extra disc with minigames centered on the characters' abilities.

    47. Star Gladiator – Episode 1: The Final Crusade

    But it fell to Star Gladiator to be Capcom's first polygonal game. The fighting game was simple, but it brought several ideas to the producer that, one day, would reinvent fighting games with Street Fighter 4.

    The year was 1996 and the main character, Hayato wielded a lightsaber. He had another character, Gamof, who was literally Chewbacca. Did Capcom want to have produced a Star Wars game?

    Despite that, I remember that time when Capcom had a lot of creativity to create characters. Star Gladiator's character designs had a futuristic feel, despite the game being "melee weapons". One of the highlights of this game was the characters with "second clothes" very different from the original.

    In the year 2348, humans have been exploring the vast expanses of outer space for four centuries and have established peaceful contact with various alien civilizations. People now emigrate from one planet to another. However, some problems arise with some alien races, so the Earth Federation begins to develop a plasma power weapon to protect Earth from any outside threats.

    48. Gex

    I remember Gex being tipped to be the mascot of the Panasonic 3DO. But this console I really didn't have the opportunity to know at the time.

    But I met Gex through his Playstation 1 version. The gecko Gex loves TV shows, and this has made him a target for the cybernetic villain Rez, who is determined to bring down The Media Dimension, the "world" of television.

    There are 24 levels full of references to pop culture, movies and TV series. A cool platform game to beat on Android.

    49. Twisted Metal 2

    In a time when there was no Battle Royale, our idea of ​​“last man standing” was Twisted Metal 2. Players would face off in gunfighting car combat.

    I always smiled at the giant who walked with two wheels attached to his body. How could the guy not die with a missile exploding right in his face?

    In addition to the Arena mode, the game had a story mode with missions. Ideal for those who will play alone.

    50. Pandemonium

    The platform game with 3D graphics follows a proposal similar to Nights (Saturn). The player commands a joker and a sorceress. Interestingly, you are the villain, as you cast a spell by accident and destroy your village. The mission is now to restore the village to its original state.

    For each stage, the player can choose which character to play. Each has a special move. The Joker can perform a special spinning attack, and the sorceress can double-jump. A game that seems silly for today, but I remember spending hours playing it. The platform challenges are not difficult, which makes the game a pleasure to beat.

    Pandemonium was also released for N-Gage.

    51. Fighting Force

    Legend has it that Core Design was developing the game to be a Street of Rage 4. They still didn't have an official contract, but they were going to present the project to SEGA with a high possibility of approval.

    But everything went wrong and this beat'em up ended up on Playstation as Fighting Force. An excellent “street fight” game.

    However, the franchise did not go forward alone and this classic was like a forgotten gem of the PS1. A great game to beat with friends.


    And here ends our article. For now, I know it was supposed to be 100 games, but I'll update this article soon as I plan on doing the other systems during this year.

    And you, what did you think of this top 50 best Playstation games to emulate on Android? Missed a game? Leave a comment.

    Obviously, for copyright reasons, we will not post game download links. I hope you understand.

    [originally published May 18, 2020]

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