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    The Best Mobile Games of the Week (12/04/2019)

    Every day dozens of games are released on Google Play and App Store. Check out the best games of the week in this list full of news. We also had some feedback from games that gained major updates.

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    – Fantasy Stars: Battle Arena

    Fantasy Stars: Battle Arena has nothing to do with SEGA's Phantasy Star franchise. After making this very clear to avoid confusion, we can enjoy a fun strategy game. Reminds me of Clash Royale, but the characters can roam freely around the stage.

    Baixar Fantasy Stars not Android

    Baixar Fantasy Stars on iPhone

    – Albion

    This PC and Android exclusive game (iOS coming soon) has received an update and is now truly “free to play”. Before, you had to pay to play this fun MMORPG.

    Download Albion apk

    – Stack Ball

    Stack Ball is that kind of addictive mobile game. The game remembers a lot Helix Jump (first game in this style). But the gameplay is different. Divided into phases, the game asks the player to make the balls fall at once to get as many points as possible.

    Download Stack Ball no Android

    Baixar Stack Ball on iPhone

    – True Surf

    Game is not new, but I met this week, it is already one of my favorites.

    For me, the best game of the week. True Surf is so simple and fun. A great offline game to relax. Reminded me a lot of the classic California Games (Summer Games) of the Master System. Slide your finger across the screen and perform extreme stunts. The game starts with you on the crest of the wave.

    Download True Surf on Android

    Baixar True Surf on iPhone

    – Rest in Pieces

    In this game, the objective is to swing a doll from side to side. That being said, it looks like a cute game, but the theme of the game is macabre. Try to defeat a monster that torments your dreams in this strange game.

    Baixar Rest in Pieces no Android

    Baixar Rest in Pieces no iPhone

    – Game of Thrones games

    Don't miss our special on Game of Thrones games for Android and iOS. The new season has arrived and with it the series finale.

    Game of Thrones games

    – Armed Heist

    Armed Heist, Sozap's “Pay Day” has risen from the ashes. The game has been updated and dozens of bugs have been removed. Now it is round and features very fun gameplay. Shooting game where you rob banks.

    Baixar Armed Heist on Android

    Baixar Armed Heist on iPhone

    – Master Craft free

    Minecraft feels like a “genre” that never gets tired. What brings Master Craft to the list is its lightness. It is the lightest Minecraft clone today and ideal for those looking only for survival mode. The game has several mobs, animals and monsters that appear at night.

    Download Master Craft on Android

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