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    The Best Mobile Games of the Week (10/05/2019)

    Discover the main games that rocked the week on Android and iOS. Certainly the highlights came from China. Dawn for Isles and Dragon Raja are the highlights, in addition to the new version of PUBG Mobile that has brought many changes.

    – Dawn for Isles

    Dawn for Isles is the surprise highlight of the week. The game developed by NetEase mixes survival and MMO. It looks like a Durango, but with looser and more fun gameplay.

    Baixar Dawn for Isles no Android (Tap Tap)

    Size: 1.1 GB | Language: English | online

    – Dragon King

    Tencent's game is on CBT in China, but the game is worth checking out. One of the most impressive RPGs of 2019. An impressive case that shows the future of mobile games.

    DOWNLOAD Dragon Raja APK (Direct Link)

    Size: 1.9 GB | Language: Chinese | online

    – Game for Peace

    Game for Peace is nothing more than PUBG Mobile adapted to the “Chinese” standard. The game gained new lobby, weapon and different animations. It is worth knowing because at some point these changes will reach the global version.

    DOWNLOAD APK Game For Peace

    Size: 1.9 GB | Language: Chinese | online

    – Blank City

    Blank City is a game that is very reminiscent of Honkai Impact 3. This Action RPG brings a lot of action alongside exuberant girls with that anime look, which I know a lot of people like.

    Download APK Blank City

    Size: 1.1 GB | Language: English | online

    – Eternal City

    Even the name is similar, and the gameplay is similar, Eternal City is another game with anime girls. But in this game the vision is aerial. Another good anime game released this week.

    DOWNLOAD Eternal City apk

    Size: 2 GB | Language: English | online

    – The Elder Scrolls: Blades

    The Elder Scrolls: Blades was released last week, but since we didn't have "Best Mobile Games of the Week", it will be included in this one. Bethesda's role-playing and Dungeon Crawler game is full of divides.

    Baixar Blades on the App Store (iOS)

    Download APK Blades

    Baixar Blades on Google Play (Android)

    Size: 94 MB | Language: English | online

    – Flappy Fighter

    Flappy Fighter is an offline fighting game that pays homage to Street Fighter. A fun and wacky game where we just play with a Ryu Flappy Bird version. Too bad it doesn't have more characters.

    Baixar Flappy Fighter on the App Store (iOS)

    Size: 30 MB | Language: English | offline

    – Wenjia

    To close our list of the best games of the week, a fantastic platform game for Android and iOS. In Wenjia, you control a cat capable of moving between existential planes. The game is all in Spanish and is offline, but it is worth remembering that it is a paid game.

    Wenjia on the App Store (iOS)

    Wenjia Google Play (Android)

    Size: 1.6 GB | Language: Spanish | offline


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