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    The best horror games to play tonight on PC in 2022

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    Computer games have seen their popularity grow over the years but without a doubt, the year 2022 was the big peak for scary computer games. That adrenaline rush that the best horror games for PC give us is unparalleled and that's why we're going to tell you in this article those you can't miss and will surely send that shiver down your spine!

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    Now get comfortable, because now we're going to take you through the best of the best horror games for PC!

    What is the scariest #1 game ever?

    In our humble opinion, the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent is not only the “father” of horror games with a focus on the scary aspect as it was the first to be created with this type of content, but also gave rise to several other games inspired by in him.

    It is a survival game, played in the first person, where you are inside a world of complete terror and the objective is, of course, to survive. This game will definitely send shivers down your spine. It is available for PC, Linux, Mac and PS4.

    What is the scariest game to play on PC?

    From among many candidates, we chose Phasmophobia. To play you must have the Steam software and a good computer as it requires at least a Core i5-4590/AMD FX-8350 processor and a graphics card equal to the best GeForce GTX 970, AMD Radeon R9 290.

    This is a four player game where you and your team are investigators of paranormal activity and have to enter haunted places, where you will have to gather all the evidence you can about the paranormal activity of that place. This game is full of detailed graphics and chilling scenarios.

    What is the scariest game right now?

    Currently, 2022 is the year of terror, full of the best and scary PC games that bring terror and suspense to gamers and here we list some of the best that were born this year:

    Elden Ring

    First, it would have to have this superb game. Elden Ring is a dark fantasy game where it offers ten character classes with their different characteristics and allows multiplayer.


    This game is pure psychological horror. This is thanks to the terrifying experience it offers, largely thanks to a camera that connects the human world with what lies beyond.

    Dying Light 2

    After 15 years since the release of Dying Light, this year we were presented with Dying Light 2 and in this sequel it is improved and perfected, from its battleground with over 3000 new animations to the vast open cycle of nights and days.

    Dead Space 2: Stay Human

    Dead Space is among the scariest games ever created. In this game you play the character Isaac Clarke, as he walks through another abandoned space facility full of hideous mutants. These mutants are extremely difficult to kill, they can affect the human body, and they are just the most basic enemies of this game that you will have to face.

    The Quarry

    Here is the perfect combination of survival horror and interactive drama in a terrifying new story. There is a kind of evil presence hovering over the city and the 9 field protagonists will have to unravel this mystery and at the same time survive this bloodthirsty evil force.

    What is the scariest free PC game?

    Also in this category there are several excellent games to play, so we've put together two of the best, where you can decide for yourself which is the best of the best.

    Bad Dream Series

    This collection of adventures involves all different twists and each more macabre than the last, which rarely end well for everyone involved.

    cry of fear

    This game has already fallen into the ranks of the oldies but it is still one of the best free scary games for PC. It's great to play in both single player and multiplayer. Its setting takes place in a deserted city full of scary creatures and captures a very uncomfortable atmosphere.


    Are you ready for the scares of your life? Start now playing any of the games we mentioned here and we're sure you'll only regret not having met them sooner!

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