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    The Best Battle Royales for Android and iOS 2021

    Everyone thought that the fashion for video games Battle Royale to Android e iOS would pass soon. But the BR, as they are called by many players, are on mobile. With no sign that they will stop growing, the genre has increased its revenue by 42% compared to 2019 in the US.

    In 2021, the fever continues, and with the release of games like Apex Legends Mobile and Final Fantasy First Soldier, fans of online shooters have never been so well served by games like this…

    Know the Best Battle Royales for Android e iOS de 2021 (released or scheduled for release in 2021).

    Table of Contents

    • Omega Legends
    • headlight 84
    • Final Fantasy First Soldier
    • Apex Legends
    • PUBG New State
    • COD Warzone Mobile?
    • Bonus game: Sausage Man
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    Omega Legends

    We start the list with a really cool game that was released in May 2020.

    Look, if I had to imagine what a “Free Fire 2” would be like, being it a well-made game with balanced skills, the fastest answer would be Omega Legends.

    The Sky Union title was merged with IGG, the same publisher as Lords Mobile.

    Omega Legends is very light, fun and very easy to play.

    The game even runs on the J7 Prime. Unless you have a potato on your hands, you won't have any problems with crashes or slowdowns.

    Each character has unique skills and there is no OP skill like in Free Fire.

    There are 4 game modes: a Battle Royale for up to 90 players in ranked mode, “Knife Duel to the Death” which is a mode for quick matches with up to 30 players, a CS style deathmatch mode and 2 maps with matches casual.

    Omega Legends has nice shooting, good movement and interesting mechanics. However, the game servers are a little problematic. Finding matches other than ranked is a bit difficult.

    It also looks like IGG has abandoned the game. There are no new updates.

    That must be why it wasn't so successful. Which is very sad, because the game is good, the company just needs to fix the servers.

    "Ah so why did you put him on the list of the best games". Hey, the list is of the best Battle Royale games, it's not one of the games that "will be successful". OK?

    Omega Legends na App Store (IOS)

    Omega Legends na Google Play (ANDROID)


    headlight 84

    Farlight 84 appeared by surprise in November 2020. The game underwent a quick beta test in January and returned in June 2021, also still in beta testing.

    In many ways Farlight 84 feels like a heavier, improved version of Omega Legends.

    Yes, very heavy, whoever has a weak cell phone, is ready to cry there. There's no way, these next Battle Royale that will come will be all heavy.

    The concept is the same, but the skills here can be gained during the game or exchanged at times. All characters have jetpacks and can make big jumps or propel themselves sideways like the Windchaser from Omega Legends.

    But the similarities end there. In Farlight, players can use cool vehicles like a robotic spider or a rover. The game's vehicles are literally war tanks.

    There are two main modes in this game: a battle royale for up to 60 people and a hunt mode.

    At the time of publishing this article, Farlight 84 was still in testing, so some aspects of the gameplay may improve in the future.

    Farlight 84 na Google Play (ANDROID)

    Final Fantasy First Soldier

    It sounds like a joke, but you know that discussion if FF is Free Fire or Final Fantasy? It seems that Square Enix looked at it and thought: “hmm.. How about being both?”

    Set 30 years before the events of Final Fantasy VII, First Soldier is a Battle Royale game that puts players in command of Shinra soldiers.

    The game is being developed by Ateam Inc and will be published by Square Enix.

    First Soldier's differential is it mixes the elements of Battle Royales such as shooting and eliminating other players, with spells and even invocations from the Final Fantasy universe.

    The result of this mix was very interesting, but it is not the first time that RPG elements appear in a Battle Royale. We've seen it before in games like Ride out Heroes.

    By the way, it's a shame the last one didn't rock. Comment there the Battle Royale games you wish were successful, but didn't.


    Apex Legends

    And after a lot of speculation, Apex Legends mobile appeared by surprise, with a lightning announcement and beta test in April.

    The game arrives in 2021 and will bring all the fast-paced action and frenetic matches that are the core of Apex Legends gameplay.

    The mobile version is delicious and very reminiscent of the PC version.

    While many will criticize the third-person view, this is quickly resolved with a switch to first-person view.

    After a long time, it's good to see this last piece of PC Battle Royale fit into a game focused on being mobile.

    PUBG New State

    Don't you have the feeling that everyone is trying to outmaneuver Tencent? Or boycott this company?

    I don't know what's going on, but even Tencent itself changed its name in the west, in early 2021, it changed its name to Proxima Next.

    Even with the redesign, many partners are preparing titles to disconnect from the games produced by the Chinese producer.

    The first to want to leave Tencent is Krafton. The owner of the PUBG brand has prepared a new game that will remodel the classic Battle Royale on mobile phones.

    PUBG New State will abandon Erangel and take place in the not too distant future in a new location: Troi.

    In the meantime, New State is very reminiscent of classic PC PUBG, but with new mechanics like a shield.

    But another spectacular game arriving in 2021.

    In addition to New State, Krafton has re-released PUBG Mobile in India without any mention of Tencent. The game there is called BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.

    COD Warzone Mobile?

    And to finish off our list, here's a bonus.

    How the Apex Legends Mobile rumor has finally come to fruition. Let's analyze the series of news that indicate that Activision is preparing a new Call of Duty for mobile phones.

    Information leaked by Activision itself reveals that the company is looking for someone for the position of executive producer to coordinate a project for a new Call of Duty for Android and iOS.

    A Warzone Mobile COD?

    The page that cites the vacancy makes it very clear that it is a project of a COD for cell phones. Also described on the page is the creation of a new division in the company, Activision Mobile.

    There is still no confirmation that the game will be Warzone “mobile”, but everything indicates that Activision will work on something in this sense.

    It is yet another company that is abandoning its partnership with Tencent, which was the producer behind Call of Duty Mobile.


    Bonus game: Sausage Man

    The last game on our list is a very funny game that was recently released on the Tap Tap website. That's right! Sausage Man is a Battle Royale in which the characters are sausages. The game is very cute and funny. But don't be fooled by its appearance, the game has all the mechanics of a good Battle Royale. Incredible!

    Sausage Man apk

    And for now, these are the Battle Royale mobile games that are likely to rock the rest of our year 2021.

    This video is faster, because there will be a part 2 of it, which will be with the Battle Royale that probably won't survive 2021.

    Have some become “zombies” or are they about to “die”? Can you guess which ones? Leave a comment.

    Note: we will also mention a game from 2020, after all, there was no article on the Best Battle Royale in 2020. Also check out our previous articles:

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