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    The 5 Worst Battle Royale Games on Android

    The wave of games in the same style as PUBG and Fortnite doesn't stop. Every day a new game of this genre comes out. But in the midst of quality games, there are some really noisy ones. And bad at it.

    It's that logic: something is so bad and crude that it ends up being fun or just catching our attention. Check out the 5 worst Battle Royale games on Android


    – Ugandan Knuckles Battle Royale

    Yes, some indecent created a Battle Royale game based on the crassest meme of 2018. Who in their right mind would look at this and think: Wow, that makes for a cool Battle Royale. The best, or worst, of all, is that it is possible to reproduce the meme “Do you know the way?” in the game.

    But Ugandan Knuckles have their moments. The game has several modes and although simple, it is fun with the possibility of playing offline.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 86 MB | Language: English | offline

    – Desert Battleground

    The “genius” Desert Battleground. Yes, there are people who think a full offline Battle Royale game is a good idea. What is the logic of a game full of bots? "Oh, it's for training". Train what if there are 200 better online game options than that.

    Desert Battleground is at best a game to pass the time and delete in the same week you downloaded (sometimes even on the same day).

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 85 MB | Language: English | offline

    – Place Ground Battle Royale

    Place Ground looks like a good idea on paper. A PUBG-style Augmented Reality game, how great… but not.

    Place Ground is based on the most boring mechanic in Battle Royale: running from the “gas/storm”. Seriously, what's the point of running around to get away from the gas?

    WTF? And that's the only interaction in this mobile game!!!! Good fun running like a madman from one side of the street to the other.

    Ah, but do you know what other “mechanics” this game has? Exactly, ads!

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 23 MB | Language: English | offline

    – Bullet Strike

    Bullet Strike is so bad it's a shame. Seriously, who remembers the hype? This game was very similar to Free Fire. He had all the potential to be a Free Fire competitor in the Light Battle Royale category.

    But the game disappeared over time, disappeared from Google Play. You can only find it if you go to the official website and click on the link. Currently, Bullet Strike is full of bugs and even the developers don't care about it anymore. This is the ugly duckling on our list.

    Seriously, a minute of silence for those who totally missed the release window to become one of the biggest hits of 2018.

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 200 MB | Language: English | online

    – Last Grand Battle Royale Unknown Survivor

    Last Grand is a horrible thing. The game is a shooter with a very pretentious minimalist look. The images on Google Play are completely misleading.

    The game supports “amazing” 12 players at the same time in a match. Nothing in Last Grand aspires to great or at least works. In favor of the developers, we can say that the game is still in development.

    But do you know what works properly? The ads.. suspicious right?

    Link to Download on Android

    Size: 86 MB | Language: English | offline

    And these were the worst Battle Royale games for Android. Have you ever played anything worse? Leave a comment and don't forget to leave a like to strengthen.

    A big hug and until next time.

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