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    The 5 best weapons in Apex Legends Mobile

    Many players want to know what the best weapons de Apex Legends Mobile. EA's new mobile game has a total of 25 weapons and you may be at a loss as to how to use them.

    In fact, the mobile version of Apex Legends is so similar to the PC and console versions that the weapons are almost identical.

    But to simplify your life, and mine too, I turned to Luke “iFerg” Fergie, none other than Apex Legend Mobile's #1 ranked player right now. He posted a fantastic video selecting the 5 best weapons (and their easiest versions to loot). Be sure to check out his channel too.


    The best weapons for Apex Mobile


    1. Assault Rifle: R-301

    O Rifle R-301 it's so good that it was nerfed in the Apex Legends Mobile beta for not having any recoil. Even so, he is still the best weapon. As an alternative to it, if you can't find it, you can use the flat line.

    These weapons would be the equivalent of PUBG Mobile's M4 and COD Mobile's M13 rifles. In other words, they are that versatile type of rifle that is good for both medium and long range.


    2. Ranged Rifle: Longbow and Kraber


    O Kraber be the weapon with the most damage in Apex Legends Mobile, it doesn't usually spawn on the ground and is only available through Airdrop.

    The Longbow, on the other hand, is more common, and you often find it in the late game. If you are a good sniper player, it will be a lot of work for enemies at the end of the game.

    O Longbow big throw is used with “Evo-Shield”, meaning hitting enemies with it converts shield from blue to purple. The weapon encourages takedowns and even rewards the player with a shield.

    The Kraber is the only weapon in Apex Legends Mobile capable of a headshot kill.


    3. Submachine guns: SM-R 99 and L-Star

    SM-R 99 and L-Star, two ideal weapons for beginners

    These two submachine guns are very good for those who are starting in shooting games or are having difficulty holding the recoil of some weapons.

    With almost no recoil, these two smgs are fast, maybe too fast. You can empty their magazine in less than 2 seconds. Therefore, finding their complements will be essential for the late game. 

    Remembering that the Lstar is an energy weapon, if you know how to play with it, you'll never have to reload, just worry about not overheating it.


    4. A pistola Wingman

    You must be thinking, “What? A pistol?” If you came from other shooters and Battle Royales like PUBG, you must have this kind of thinking. This is due to the fact that pistols in other shooters are complete rubbish. But in Apex pistols often surprise.

    This particular pistol plays a big role in Apex Legends Mobile, both in the beginning and in the late game. If you are good with pistols, you can use it as a second weapon and be able to take down opponents easily.

    This is due to the damage of this weapon which is high, and it can take down an opponent with just 3 shots. Together with the golden Skullpiecer accessory, it literally becomes a “sniper pistol”.
    But be warned, use pistols only if you have a good smartphone or tablet, because you need to control the shot well and this will depend on your sense and good framerate to follow the opponent's movement.


    5. Shotguns: Peacekeeper e Mastiff

    As in any Battle Royale, shotguns are common weapons and very good to find at the beginning of a match. However, as Apex Legends Mobile is a fast moving game, which gives you the chance to escape shots in the open, you can use them as a second weapon when you bump into an opponent.

    The reason for using them is simple: absurd high damage. In the late game, they are only good for those who know how to use them.

    Peacekeeper in particular is a lot of fun. When aiming at an enemy with a scope attached, and holding it for a second, it charges and can deal extra damage.

    The Mastiff is more consistent, but also deals a lot of damage. Both shotguns mentioned here have the potential to take down opponents in just two shots.

    Weapons You Can Also Use In Apex Legends Mobile

    The Havo and Devotion are two energy weapons that you can also use in Apex Mobile. They could easily be on this list, but they're only really good if you find the “Turbocharger” add-on. So they are good weapons but they depend on a complement to compete with the others mentioned here.

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