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    The 5 Best (and Cheapest) Power Banks to Charge Your Smartphone or Tablet

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    Discover the five best external batteries to always have in your bag or backpack

    One of the main flaws of smartphones today is the battery. Turns and moves it's common to keep the cell phone "without charge" and worse, away from any outlet. One solution that has become quite popular is the Power Banks, no popular “portable batteries“. Know now the best models of power banks and where to buy.

    – Power Bank Xiaomi

    The best-known model of Power Bank or portable battery is precisely the one brought by Xiaomi to Spain. With 10.400mAh, Xiaomi's Power Bank allows you to fully charge a basic or mid-range smartphone up to three times with just a single Power Bank charge.

    Xiaomi's Portable Battery weighs just over 250 grams and comes with only a USB cable in the box. In Spain, it is only sold in silver, but on GearBest, you can find models in pink and gold. Xiaomi's Power Bank has an LED indicating battery charge. A highlight of this portable battery is its aluminum finish, very beautiful and resistant. Compatibility is universal, meaning any smartphone or tablet that charges via USB (DC 5.1V 2.1A) will charge smoothly.

    Size: 9 x 7.7 x 2.1 cm
    Weight: 255 grams
    Price: US$ 15 (R$ 59) on GearBest or R$ 62,26 on Xiaomi's website

    – ROMOSS Sense 4 Plus LCD 10400mAh External Battery Pack

    In the informal market, ROMOSS Sense 4 is one of the most popular Power Banks. She is that model with a display indicating the percentage of charge of the portable battery. This model stands out for its fast charging capability and various protection circuits to prevent reverse discharge, short circuit and overheating.

    The ROMOSS Sense 4 Plus is the ideal model for those who have more than one device, as there are two USB outputs, allowing you to charge up to two devices at once. The most popular model sold is the one with 10400mAh, but on the GearBest website, you can buy the one with 20.000mAh.

    Size: 13.8 x 6.2 x 2.2 cm
    Weight: 300 grams
    Price: US$ 14,99 (R$ 59,87) on GearBest or R$ 115 on auction sites like Mercado Live

    – KMASHI MP806 2 in 1 10000mAh (com lanterna)

    The KMASHI MP806 Power Bank is well known as the “flashlight” on the market. Not because it is among the last, but because it has a powerful LED that, thanks to its long-lasting battery, can become an emergency light, in the absence of light, for example. When fully charged, the light can stay on for up to 72 hours thanks to the 10.000mAh battery.

    Size: 8.6 x 3.9 x 3.9 cm
    Weight: 300 grams
    Price: US$ 15,98 (R$ 63,82) on GearBest or R$ 150 on auction sites like Mercado Live

    – Power Bank Asus

    The Asus Portable Battery is ideal for anyone who is a fan of the Zenfone line of products, as the portable battery is recommended by Asus itself. With 10.050mAh, the battery guarantees a good charge for devices like Zenfone 5, Zenfone 6 and Zenfone 2.

    Size: 9.1 x 5.9 x 2.2 cm
    Weight: 260 grams
    Price: US$ 16 (R$ 63,82) on GearBest or R$ 179 on auction sites like Mercado Live

    – Xiaomi Mobile Power Bank 16000mAh Aluminium

    Undoubtedly the best option in terms of power bank is the Xiaomi Mobile 16000mAh. Despite the exaggerated amount of mAh, this battery is well packed and thinner. It's thin enough to fit in your smartphone pocket.

    Xiaomi Mobile Power Bank has multiple circuits for protection against shorts and overheating. It also includes two USB outputs, allowing you to charge up to two devices at once.

    Size: 14.5 x 6.0 x 2.2 cm
    Weight: 320 grams
    Price: US$ 29 (R$ 115) on GearBest or R$ 209 on auction sites like Mercado Live

    [originally published October 1, 2015]

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