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    The 25 Best Mobile RPG 2022

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    Great stories and exciting adventures await you in a special list of 25 best rpg games to play in cell.

    We have prepared a special article with the best RPG games for Android and iOS. Ideal for those who recently bought a new smartphone and are looking for the best games of the genre in 2022.

    Note: are the best RPG to play in 2022, and not the “from” 2022. Okay?

    Here you will know which ones are paid, which are free and which are offline.


    Best RPG for Android and iOS 2022

    Trials of Mana


    A Super Nintendo classic that never made it to the West through traditional channels, Trials of Mana was released for modern consoles as an incredible 3D remake in 2020.

    This game is rarely mentioned by Youtubers and websites, however, it is the best RPG game to play on mobile. Unlike other offline RPGs, Trials of Mana has combat with real-time action. Excellent graphics, 6 starting characters and an impressive replay factor. There are several stories that connect in an exciting journey.

    Trials of Home in APP STORE (IOS)

    Trials of Mana na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: English | offline


    Genshin impact


    Forget the haters, Genshin Impact is by far the best free-to-play RPG of 2022. A truly gigantic open world, with console-worthy graphics and an all-Spanish story.

    With gameplay inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Genshin surprises with a unique exploration and immersive journey. Choose your character and discover the immersive world of Teyvat.

    Warning: anyone who criticizes Genshin Impact, is because they would like to have all characters at maximum. This is completely irrelevant to enjoying the game. It is possible to play until reaching the current moment of history, almost 2 years of content, without paying anything.

    Genshin Impact na APP STORE (IOS)

    Genshin Impact na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | online


    Pascal's Wager


    For those who like to challenge themselves and face a difficult RPG, our recommendation could not be different: Pascal's Wager. In this Gothic-themed offline action RPG, the player will face a true “Dark Souls Mobile”.

    Perfect for fans of Dark Souls and Elden Ring, Pascal's Wager delivers an adventure full of challenges with Spanish translation and controller support. The game is mostly offline, but it requires internet to start.

    Pascal’s Wager na APP STORE (IOS)

    Pascal’s Wager na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    Seven knights 2


    We know that there is a public that likes RPGs with automatic. The vast majority are complete garbage, but among them, there are some good games, like Seven Knights 2.

    What is saved here is the story very well told with cool characters and an engaging plot. The graphics are impressive and some scenes are worthy of a movie. Worth the download for the story and remarkable characters.

    Seven Knights 2 na APP STORE (IOS)

    Seven Knights 2 na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | online


    DevilutionX (Diablo 1)


    DevilutionX is a fan-created port that makes it possible to play Diablo 1 from PC on mobile. Forget Diablo Immortal and microtransactions, this one is an offline RPG.

    That's right, the first Diablo can be played on Android phones with commands very well adapted to touch screens. One of the best RPGs of all time in the palm of your hand.

    This game needs no introduction, right? But if you want a good reason to play, even without knowing it, know that it is a Dungeon Crawler all in Spanish, with a dark and unforgettable atmosphere.

    It is worth remembering that you will need the files from the PC version, and copy them to your cell phone.

    DevilutionX na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | offline


    Monster Hunter Stories


    Monster Hunter Stories is not exactly a new RPG on Android and iOS, but it has arrived on Google Play Pass and Apple Arcade services. If you subscribe to either of these two services, you can play this game for free.

    Monster Hunter Stories is a spin-off of the main franchise, it was originally released for Nintendo 3DS. The mobile version has better graphics and gameplay. Unlike other games in the franchise, here the thing is to tame monsters and fight alongside them. Combat is turn-based, but exploration and freedom is one of the highlights of Stories. Offline game!

    Monster Hunter Stories na APP STORE (IOS)

    Monster Hunter Stories na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: English | offline


    The Swords of Ditto


    The Swords of Ditto is a roguelite for Android and iOS in which the player must venture into dungeons to defeat King Mormo. In each match (or “run”) you play with a new hero that keeps the abilities of the previous one.

    An RPG that didn't do very well on consoles, but that fit like a glove on mobile. Addictive gameplay and very cute and beautiful graphics. The game looks like a Cartoon Network cartoon, and on top of that it is in Spanish and is offline.

    Swords of Ditto na APP STORE (IOS)

    Swords of Ditto na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    Black Desert Mobile


    For those who like online RPGs, or rather MMORPGs, Black Desert Mobile is almost a mandatory experience.

    Pearl Abyss' game is still one of the essential games of the genre. All translated into Spanish and still receiving content constantly.

    This is one of the few MMO I feel like playing, so I put it on the list.

    Black Desert Mobile na APP STORE (IOS)

    Black Desert Mobile na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | online


    Evoland 1 is 2


    The history of video games told from the point of view of an RPG narrative. This is how Evoland 1 and 2 can be described.

    In these two offline RPGs, the gameplay evolves as you progress through the story. The graphs also show this evolution. The beginning of the game looks like a GameBoy graphic and then it has a 3D look and all. A curious and very fun gaming experience.

    Evoland na APP STORE (IOS)

    Evoland na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: English | offline


    Chaos Rings : 1, Omega, II, III


    One of the franchises most loved by true mobile gamers. Those who are old will remember this “Final Fantasy” that Square Enix released exclusively for mobile (although it came out for PSP too).

    Chaos Rings is a nostalgic RPG franchise that tells the story of an entity of extinction that comes to terrorize humanity. However, it gives humans one last chance. In a game of life or death, it is possible to select two humans whose mission is to save our species.

    There are 4 games with an exciting story. The producers of this franchise are the same as games like Kingdom Hearts and Valkyrie Profile.


    Knights of Pen and Paper 1 e 2


    Knights of Pen and Paper is a very fun offline RPG and highly recommended for anyone who watches series like Stranger Things, or knows tabletop RPGs like Dungeon & Dragons.

    Create your characters and embark on adventures narrated by an RPG master. The game mixes medieval fantasy themes with everyday jokes. They are two very funny games with characters like a bard Motoboy and a gothic mage.

    Knights of Pen and Paper na APP STORE (IOS)

    Knights of Pen and Paper na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    Stardew Valley


    Another indie offline RPG that everyone knows. Stardew Valley is a mix of farm game and RPG that will surprise even the most skeptical.

    Upon receiving an inheritance farm, your character sets out to take care of the place. You need to do several activities. At first, you'll think it's a simple little farm, but it's possible to face dungeons and even get married in the game.

    Stardew Valley na APP STORE (IOS)

    Stardew Valley na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    Guardian tales


    With a mix of action, RPG, puzzles and adventure, Guardian Tales is a free RPG with references to The Legend of Zelda that is well worth giving a try.

    This salad of genres translates into a game that borrows a lot of gameplay from the old games of the 16-bit era. Ideal for those who have a smartphone that does not play heavy games.

    Guardian Tales na APP STORE (IOS)

    Guardian Tales na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | online




    Fantasian is an offline RPG developed for iOS by none other than Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy. In the game, we control Leo, a young man in an unknown world. After losing his memories he finds allies and enemies in a very different RPG.

    Fantasian is one of the most different games of the genre and that draws the attention of many players, who wanted this game on PC or consoles. Unfortunately it is exclusive to iOS, but those who have an iPhone can enjoy this amazing game just by subscribing to Apple Arcade.

    Fantasia na APP STORE (IOS)

    Type: Paid | Language: English | offline




    Moonlighter is an RPG with Roguelike elements that has been re-released on mobile. It has become a Netflix Games game and is only available to subscribers to the service.

    In the game, you control a salesman who got tired of just staying in his store selling things. This time, he too will set out on great adventures. The game is in Spanish.

    Moonlighter na APP STORE (IOS)

    Moonlighter na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | offline


    Dragon Quest Builders


    Dragon Quest Builders is another game that breaks the conventions of traditional RPGs. With an unusual mix between Minecraft and Dragon Quest, this RPG bets on an adventure that will delight those who like to build things.

    Your character is the builder whose mission is to rebuild the Dragon Quest world. The story takes place at the bad ending of the first game, when you are given the option to team up with the villain.

    Dragon Quest Builders na APP STORE (IOS)

    Dragon Quest Builders na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition


    Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition was released in 2018 and is still regarded with skepticism by fans of the franchise. The game contains the entire story of FF XV, but on mobile, it is told with a cuter look.


    FF XV Pocket Edition na APP STORE (IOS)

    FF XV Pocket Edition na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | offline


    THE LAST REMNANT Remastered


    Another RPG that, when it goes on sale, you should definitely buy is The Last Remnant. A perfect game conversion from Xbox 360 and Playstation 4 to mobiles.

    With very beautiful 3D graphics and made in Unreal Engine, this RPG has a story about two brothers who are separated in the middle of a war. The game is authored by Square Enix and has a cinematic look and story. A true console game in the palm of your hand.

    Remnant na APP STORE (IOS)

    Remnant na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: English | offline




    We've posted a lot of Japanese RPGs, but there's room for the best of Western RPGs as well. Especially those produced by the talented BioWare and Obsidian.

    These two amazing RPGs tell the story of Star Wars 4 years before, in the past. The games have beautiful 3D graphics and are “Root RPG” with lots of dialogue and options for interacting with the characters.

    In either Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 or 2, you can choose to be a Jedi or a Sith. Games give total choice to the player.

    STAR WARS KOTOR 1 and 2 are in English, but it is possible to apply a Spanish translation patch. just copying a file. Very simple.



    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    Titan Quest


    Titan Quest is another PC RPG that landed on mobile phones. With an isometric view and “Diablo” style gameplay, your mission is to help the gods of Olympus in their battles against the Titans. Titan Quest features real-time action combat.

    The game is paid, but on Android it is free on Google Play Pass. And for those who subscribe to the service, it is still possible to unlock all the DLCs, which makes the game the “Legendary Edition” with campaigns that go through Greek, Egyptian and Norse mythologies.

    Titan Quest na APP STORE (IOS)

    Titan Quest na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    Final Fantasy IV: The After Years


    I'll explain in a nutshell why FFIV: The After Years is one of the best FF ports for mobile. 1 – is the only FF that was officially translated into Spanish until the arrival of the “Pixel Remaster”. 2 – is the only one that, in addition to explaining the story better, also won an expansion called “The After Years”.

    So, despite being expensive, FFIV: The After Years is almost two games in one. Based on the remake of FFIV for Nintendo DS, this version received better graphics and more content, in addition to the innovative Active Time Battle, which makes combats more dynamic.



    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    The World Ends With You


    This is Square Enix's best mobile RPG and the cheapest too. With a more modern setting, The World Ends With You takes place in the Shibuya neighborhood, right in the heart of Tokyo.

    This RPG was released a long time ago, but it has received an update to work on the latest versions of Android and iOS. With a deep battle system and a relationship mechanic between the characters, this is an RPG that cannot be discarded.

    Twewy on the APP STORE (iOS)


    Type: Paid | Language: English | offline


    Battle Chasers: Nightwar


    This game is one of the hidden gems that few talk about. Battle Chasers: Nightwar is an offline RPG with Spanish translation that draws attention for its unique art.

    With turn-based battles and the ability to control multiple characters, the gameplay looks like a JRPG, but the North American comic book look leaves no doubt. The game's producers are the same as those of Darksiders Genesis.

    Battle Chasers na APP STORE (IOS)

    Battle Chasers na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    Nexomon: Extinction

    After launching on consoles, the Nexomon franchise returned to mobile with Nexomon: Extinction. As you can imagine, it's a game inspired by Pokémon.

    But this is one of those game examples that takes inspiration without copying. The game has an original storyline and little monsters with visuals and attacks very different from those of Pokémon. There are 380 nexomons.

     Nexomon: Extinction na APP STORE (IOS)

     Nexomon: Extinction na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: free | Language: Spanish | offline


    ARPG soul


    Finally, another hack'n slash RPG with Diablo-inspired gameplay. The look is also very Diablo-inspired as well. So if you were disgusted with the R$ 500 thousand dollars to level up your character, it is very likely that Anima will appease your hunger for dungeons and catacombs.

    Best of all, in addition to being free, Anima is offline.

    Anima na APP STORE (IOS)


    Type: Free | Language: English | offline


    bonus games

    tower of fantasy


    Genshin Impact's main competitor is in the process of being released globally. The game is scheduled to be released by August. check out all about Tower of Fantasy here.


    Some games were left out, as we've already talked about them in other lists like this top with 50 offline RPGs for Android and iOS.

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