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    The 25 best mobile action games 2022

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    Check out the best action games to Android e iOS to play in 2022.

    Action games are among the most sought after by mobile game lovers.

    The following list brings the main games of the genre that have been released recently for Android and iOS.

    Warning: as it is a very broad topic, the post may be a little generic. To see 3d action games, check out our post with the best offline action games.

    Best Action Games for Android and iOS 2022


    Apex Legends


    One of the most anticipated games of 2022, Apex Legends is a Battle Royale with lots of action and shooting on mobile. The game reproduces the success formula of the PC version.

    Choose from several legends where each one has a unique ability and face up to 60 players in mind-blowing matches. Apex draws attention for its fluid movement and very beautiful graphics.

    Apex Legends na APP STORE (IOS)

    Apex Legends na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: free | Language: Spanish | online



    Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!


    Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! is an infinite runner game that was released a year ago on Android and iOS. Despite the lack of inspiration and similarities with games like Subway Surfers and Sonic Dash, Crash did very well.

    The game has good graphics, is light and runs very well on most cell phones. In addition, On the Run! has the unparalleled charisma of Sony's “almost mascot”.

    Crash Bandicoot na APP STORE (IOS)

    Crash Bandicoot na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: free | Language: English | offline



    Street of rage 4


    The Street of Rage series beating is almost complete on mobile, with the arrival of Street of Rage 4, only the third game is not officially on mobile.

    In Street of Rage 4, ex-cops Axl and Blaze return to the streets to face criminals. But they are not alone. Newcomers Cherry and Floyd will also lend a hand. An unmissable “street fight” game and one of the best action games for mobile.

    Street of Rage 4 na APP STORE (IOS)

    Street of Rage 4 na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: payment | Language: Spanish | offline



    My Friend Peter: Ripe for Revenge


    Quick, you don't have time to waste, grab that banana and a gun. This is the plot of My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge.

    Help a banana get its family back in this hilarious action game. In the best John Wick style, you'll shoot everywhere, eliminating bad guys and saving the day, or rather, the bananas.

    My Friend Pedro na APP STORE (IOS)

    My Friend Pedro na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: free | Language: Spanish | offline



    Metal Revolution


    Metal Revolution is a fighting game for Android and iOS that has a lot of action. Robots will face each other in a game with a very Street Fighter V vibe.

    The graphics are very beautiful and the game is focused on competitive, but to make the commands is very easy, with the press of a button, which makes the game suitable for beginners as well.

    Metal Revolution na APP STORE (IOS)

    Metal Revolution na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: free | Language: Spanish | online



    Wall of Insanity


    Wall Of Insanity is a third-person shooter and action game in which you will investigate strange happenings.

    Heavily inspired by classics like DOOM 3 and STALKER, Wall Of Insanity features tight corridors, monsters and psychological terror. The game has controller support and a very affordable price.

    Wall Of Insanity na APP STORE (IOS)

    Wall Of Insanity na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: payment | Language: Spanish | offline




    Into the Dead 2


    Netflix launched in 2022, in partnership with PIKPOK, a premium version of Into the Dead 2. The action game with zombies, mixes moments of rush, where you have to escape, with moments of shooting.

    Into the Dead 2: Dead End is in Spanish, has no in-app purchases, and you just need a Netflix account to play.

    Netflix Into the Dead 2 na APP STORE (IOS)

    Netflix Into the Dead 2 na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)t

    Type: payment | Language: Spanish | offline



    Maximus 2


    Maximus 2 is a beat'em up style action game that actually takes place in a medieval period.

    Free to download and play, the game is offline and has very fun gameplay. The stages are big and challenging. An amazing game that looks like a paid game.

    Maximus 2 na APP STORE (IOS)

    Maximus 2 na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: free | Language: Spanish | offline



    T3 Arena


    One of the most addictive action games at the moment is T3 Arena. Created by the same company as the TapTap website, this fast-paced shooter has a bit of an Overwatch feel.

    Control heroes in amazing combats in casual or ranked matches. T3 Arena is not available on Google Play, to download it you will have to access the TapTap website.

    T3 Aren na APP STORE (IOS)

     T3 Arena no Tap Tap (Android APK)

    Type: free | Language: English | online



    Bladed Fury


    Bladed Fury is a 2D action game in which you control a warrior, daughter of a Chinese lord. Accused of her father's murder, she sets out on a journey to save her sister.

    The game follows a very distinct pattern with “hack'n slash” style combat. A great action game to beat on mobile.

    Bladed Fury na APP STORE (IOS)

    Bladed Fury na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: English | offline



    ZOZ: Final Hour


    Exclusively released in Spain, ZOZ: Final Hour is a shooter and action game very different from what you might imagine.

    The game is a mix of multiplayer and survival. Players need to collect crystals and kill zombies that appear along the way. ZOZ: Final Hour has short matches and if you die during a match, you can still turn into a zombie and disrupt other players.

    ZOZ: Final Hour na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: free | Language: English | online





    DragonSpear-Ex is a mobile game that mixes beat'em up with RPG. It looks like a free and online game, but this one is surprising for being exactly the opposite, paid and offline.

    With clear similarities to Dragon's Crown (PS4 and Xbox), DragonSpear-Ex has a peculiar art.

    DragonSpear-Ex na APP STORE (IOS)

    DragonSpear-Ex na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: free | Language: English | online



    Call of Duty Mobile


    One of the most complete shooting games could not be missing from our list and promises action from start to finish.

    Call of Duty Mobile mixes Batte Royale and multiplayer vs like few others. Despite the announcement of COD Warzone Mobile, the game is still quite successful.

    COD Mobile na APP STORE (IOS)


    Type: free | Language: English | online



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    Alien Isolation


    Alien Isolation is a port of a game for PC and consoles that hit smartphones. A perfect package that mixes action and suspense game.

    Your character is trapped in a special station, and with her are the fearsome xenomorphs. Alien Isolation impresses with a visual quality rarely seen on smartphones.

    Alien Isolation na APP STORE (IOS)

    Alien Isolation na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: payment | Language: Spanish | offline





    Brawlhalla is a Brawler-style game with Super Smash Bros.-style combat. Created by Blue Mammoth Games studio and published by Ubisoft, the game is also available for smartphones.

    The action will run wild with a lot of beating on your cell phone screen. One of the highlights of Brawlhalla are the partnerships that allow you to bring in several characters from other games such as Street Fighter and Tomb Raider.

    Brawlhalla na APP STORE (IOS)

    Brawlhalla GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: free | Language: Spanish | online



    Punishing: Gray Raven


    Despite being an RPG, the highlight of Punishing: Gray Raven, and which immediately draws attention in the game, are the frantic combats with lots of hack'n slash style action.

    Control anime girls and beat the shit out of monsters and robots in a very immersive game. Highlight for the participation of the character 2B of the series Nier Automata.

    Punishing: Gray Raven na APP STORE (IOS)

    Punishing: Gray Raven na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: free | Language: English | online



    FFVII The First Soldier


    What if Final Fantasy became a Battle Royale? Well, literally out of nowhere Square Enix releases one of these comes right in our face. And it worked.

    Despite being quite heavy and having few players, FFVII The First Soldier has everything to please fans of the franchise, except in the RPG part, as this one is 100% focused on action.

     FF First Soldier na APP STORE (IOS)

     FF First Soldier na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: free | Language: English | online



    sky warriors


    The movie Top Gun received a very mequetrefe game for cell phones. But if you're looking for action and untamed aces, you'll find it all in Sky Warriors.

    Developed by a Spanish studio, Sky Warriors is a game with fighters that only has a multiplayer mode vs.

    Sky Warriors na APP STORE (IOS)

    Sky Warriors na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: free | Language: Spanish | online



    Sky Gamblers – Infinite Jets


    For those of you who liked the movie Top Gun, but don't like online games, you can drop your head, or better fly straight to Sky Gamblers.

    Infinite Jets is a game with fighter jets and fighter planes that is offline. The game is in Spanish and even has a stage in Rio de Janeiro.

    Infinite Jets na APP STORE (IOS)

    Infinite Jets na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: payment | Language: Spanish | offline



    Against Returns


    Contra Returns was released forever in Asia (including in English) and we taught you how to play these games years ago. But it was finally released on Google Play and App Store.

    Contra Returns na APP STORE (IOS)

    Contra Returns na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: free | Language: Spanish | online





    Liked the style of Contra Returns, but thinks it's bad for being online. If you have an iPhone, a tip is to check out the Spidersaurs game.

    Spidersaurs is a very fun and funny side scrolling shooter game. Set as if it were a Saturday morning cartoon, the game has very nice cartoon graphics and very fun gameplay. Help the characters get rid of this terrible mix: Dinosaurs + Spiders.

    Spidersaurs na APP STORE (IOS)

    Type: free | Language: English | offline



    World of demons


    Exclusive to iOS, World of Demons is a hack and slash game developed by PlatinumGames. In command of a samurai who controls Yokai, you must face several Onis (demons).

    World of Demons is only available to Apple Arcade subscribers.

    World of Demons na APP STORE (IOS)

    Type: free | Language: English | offline



    Unruly Heroes


    An amazing action and platform game awaits you in Unhuly Heroes. With art similar to Rayman's latest games, Unruly Heroes is an adventure based on a Chinese tale.

    The game is paid, but it's cheap. The movement of characters, difficulties, story, everything is beautiful in this game!

    Unruly Heroes na APP STORE (IOS)

    Unruly Heroes na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: payment | Language: English | on-line



    Protectors: Shooter Legends


    Little commented in Spain, Protectors: Shooter Legends is a hero shooter with characters with a look that reminds Fortnite.

    The gameplay is a little slower than T3 Arena, but it's a nice game in that style.

    Protectors na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: free | Language: English | online



    hunt down


    In this retro-futuristic side action game, you must fight the criminals that are taking over the city.

    For those who like cyberpunk look, you need to give this game a chance. The game is free to try, but after a while you have to pay.

    Huntdownna APP STORE (IOS)

    Huntdown na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: free to try | Language: English | offline



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