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    The 10 HEAViest Android Games in 2018

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    Find out what games are graphics corn "heavy"To Android. Find out which games demand the most from your smartphone's GPU and CPU. We have selected 10 excellent games for you to test the “firepower” of your Android phone.

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    Attention! This list is made up of new games only (2017 and 2018). That's why some older games like Real Racing 3 and others were left out. This list is not with the best games, but those that require the most processing power, and that, because of that, are considered heavy.

    – Modern Combat Versus

    Modern Combat Versus is the definition of “hard” gaming. It is so “heavy” that it arrived on Android with many compatibility issues. To know if your phone is good for games or not, just know if it has Modern Combat Versus as compatible.

    But these compatibility issues have a reason. The game was first designed for iOS and then ported to Android. Gameloft had no pity and put more polygons on the screen than a standard Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 FPS. Amazing.

    Download link

    – Millet Shootout Battlegrounds

    Millet Shootout Battlegrounds is a Battle Royale style game for Android. It is one of the heaviest games of its kind and is only available for some Android devices.

    To run this shooting game, the player needs at least (yes, at least!) a Snapdragon 820 and GPU 530. In other words, the minimum configuration is a smartphone with the power of a Galaxy S7 or higher.

    Download link

    – PUBG Battlefield

    Another "Battlegrounds" style game, but this time it's the OFFICIAL game. Tencent together with Blue Hole, launched (in beta test), the game PUBG Battlefield, which is nothing more than the official version of the game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

    The game is very similar to the PC version. Map, weapons, shooting, loot, all very similar. But with that also came an extra processing load. PUBG Battlefield is too heavy for some mid-range phones. Because of this, Tencent also released a lighter version, called PUBG Army Attack.

    Download link

    – Black Desert Mobile

    Black Desert Mobile will be released soon in the east, and should arrive later this year in the west. The game is simply one of the most impressive games, and also one of the heaviest, today.

    When the trailers came out, many players thought that the game would not reach that graphical potential. But he is exactly as shown in the trailers. A game with incredible visuals, which makes a lot of people think: “this is really running on my phone”.

    – Shadowgun Legends

    Shadowgun Legends is expected to arrive in March 2018. The shooting game that contains RPG elements is impressive. It's not very heavy, but it can be tricky to run on less powerful smartphones.

    Madfinger games, the game's producer, did an exceptional compatibility job, and the game works even on weak devices, but with minimal visuals. To run the graphics at maximum, you need a powerful cell phone. On the ultra setting, Shadowgun Legends is one of the heaviest games on Android.

    Google Play link

    – Blade 2: Return of Evil

    One of the most talked about games, due to its very exaggerated trailers, Blade 2 is a game that impresses anyone with its “ultra radical” look.

    It is the most sought after RPG game due to its graphics. However, as is common in this genre, the game has short stages and is very limited in its essence. But it's worth downloading to see if your cell phone runs this heavy game.

    Download link

    – Evhacon 2 HD free

    Evhacon 2 HD is a 3D combat game reminiscent of Ryse: Son of rome. The look of the game will depend on your cell phone. Therefore, it is a great reference for those looking to test heavy games.

    For those who did not find the look beautiful, most likely ran the game on an intermediate smartphone. On a top of the line, Evhacon 2 HD looks like a console game.

    Download link

    – Nimian Legends: BrightRidge

    Nimian Legends: BrightRidge isn't the prettiest game on this list, but it sure is one of the heaviest. Good luck trying to run it with everything on ultra.

    I believe that only the Snapdragon 835 and 845 processors can run this game with everything maxed out. Nimian Legends is an offline roleplaying game with some elements reminiscent of Skyrim. You will have many missions to complete and two characters to play.

    Download link

    – Lords of the Fallen

    Lords of the Fallen came to Android, but it didn't really like it. After all, the game arrived and was nothing more than another game with “Infinity Blade” gameplay. Very different from the standard on consoles.

    However, it is one of the heaviest games on Android. You have to be careful when buying this game, because it doesn't even open on devices with Intel Atom chipset (old Zenfones). On other more basic smartphones, the suffering to run the game will be great.

    But on top of the line, the game runs pretty well. It may not be the coolest game, but it has really nice graphics.

    Download link

    – Tekken Mobile

    Well, Injustice 2 could be on this list, but Tekken Mobile has arrived, looking lighter, but it's not. Bandai Namco's punching game is heavy.

    Tekken arrives to steal the crown as one of the heaviest fighting games on Android. The game is not compatible with many devices, and even on top of the line it has dropped frames if you do a lot of combos.

    Download link

    - Honorable mention:

    • oceanhorn 2 (scheduled for this year on iOS, Android version has not yet been confirmed).
    • Grid AutoSport (planned for this year not Android).

    [originally published February 24, 2018]

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