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    Tencent will give up on Arena of Valor, says website

    At least for the Game Industry and Reuters, Tencent will give up on Arena of Valor. The game is the western version of Honor of Kings (王者荣耀), the most successful MOBA in the world.

    According to these sites, the producer will give up on Arena of Valor and instead will pay more attention to the mobile version of League of Legends.

    Mintegral analyst Jeff Sue cited data from Sensor Tower showing the game only generated $3 million in its first year, an amount that matches just a day ago from the Chinese version.

    The game reportedly only has 100 daily active users in Europe and 150 in North America. The Reuters article states: “in these markets, we are really letting it live or die on its own”.

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    League of Legends is being adapted for Android and iOS

    According to the Game Industry article, Tencent failed to take advantage of Riot's know-how in this field, but also failed to delay bringing the MOBA to the West.

    This lack of synergy and friction between the two companies, it is worth remembering that Tencent is “100% owner” of Riot, made room for competitors such as Mobile Legends.

    As we mentioned in a previous article, Mobile Legends earns much more than Arena of Valor.


    Legal friction caused a 2-month delay in the launch of Arena of Valor in the western market. Here in Spain, you may remember the long delay for the launch of the Latin America server.

    Despite the issues facing Arena of Valor, Tencent continued to put more effort and resources into it, with a source saying the company “burned a lot of money” on the game, for example, a $4,5 million tournament where one of the top prizes was Tesla's car.

    – Why Arena of Valor was not successful?

    It's funny to come to the conclusion that Honor of Kings (王者荣耀) is the most successful MOBA in the world. Bigger even than League of Legends, but may all this success be restricted to China and neighboring countries.

    The Chinese version makes huge amounts of money for Tencent, but Arena of Valor doesn't… Why?

    The answer to this can be simple and at the same time sad for developers. Arena of Valor is light and easy to play, but it took a long time to make its way to the west.

    When he arrived here, there was already a big competitor on the rise: Mobile Legends. So it could have just been that he arrived later.

    Another factor that can be decisive in this is the fact that the most hardcore MOBA player prefers to play on PC, instead of mobile.


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