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    Tectoy launches new Bluetooth and Smartphone controls

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    A Tectoy was in the news today (18) across Spain with the launch of a new cellphone e Bluetooth controls. The campaign called “Back to the Game – Tectoy in a new phase”, debuts in addition to a smartphone, new Bluetooth controls and headphones.

    The toy maker that became well known in the 80s and 90s, thanks to its partnership with SEGA, has just launched a “mobile division”. The company announced a smartphone, the “TecToy On”. The intermediate phone already comes with Android 10, 6,22-inch screen, 4.000 mAh battery and triple camera. One of the highlights of the smartphone is that it already comes equipped with Bluetooth headphones.

    – Smartphone Tectoy On



    • Comes with Qualcomm Chipset Headphones
    • Octa-core processor and 4GB RAM
    • 128 GB storage
    • 6,22-inch HD+ IPS display with 19:9 aspect ratio
    • 2.5D display with 450 nits brightness
    • Triple 48MP rear camera with HDR and 8MP front camera
    • 4.000 mAh battery
    • Fingerprint reader and Google Assistant button
    • Compatible with NFC, Quad GPS and Bluetooth 5.0 technologies
    • Smartphone comes with protective film and cover
    • 1 year warranty
    • 10W charger
    • Price: BRL 1.999

    For the manufacture of the cell phone, Tectoy has partnered with an undisclosed Chinese manufacturer. Tectoy will produce the smartphone at its renovated factory in the Manaus Free Trade Zone, which has received 300 million reais in investments so far, and where it plans to hire about 200 employees starting in October.

    Another highlight was the launch of two Bluetooth controllers: The SM30 and Zero 2. Both are controls from the renowned 8BitDo and have been licensed and homologated for Spain.

    – Controle Bluetooth Tectoy M30

    Features of SM30:

    • Gamepad MegaDrive
    • digital directional pad
    • Turbo function
    • Sistemas: Switch, Windows, MacOS, Android, Steam e Raspberry PI
    • USB-C to USB-A cable
    • Bluetooth wireless
    • Price: $ 349,00

    – Controle Bluetooth Tectoy Zero2

    Zero2 features:

    • Mini Joystick wireless
    • digital directional pad
    • security bracelet
    • Sistemas: Switch, Windows, MacOS, Android, Steam e Raspberry PI
    • Micro USB to USB-A cable
    • Bluetooth wireless
    • 8 hours autonomy with 2 hours of charge
    • X-input, D-input, Mac mode, Switch mode, Keyboard
    • Price: $ 199,00

    The SM30 is what draws the most attention. A controller that looks like a mix of the classic Mega Drive III controller with a Sega Saturn controller (both video games were sold in Spain by Tectoy).

    The Zero 2, on the other hand, is a mini controller, ideal for using in your pocket. Both do not have analogs and are suitable for simpler games or emulators.

    Along with the controls, a support clip will also be sold that serves to attach the smartphone to the control.

    Unfortunately, when it comes to price, we are faced with a sad reality (but that was already expected). Both controls are quite expensive compared to other imported controls, even from 8BitDo.

    “We are starting a new phase,” Tectoy president Valdeni Rodrigues told Reuters.

    Source: Reuters

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