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    TapTap Conference Shows New Mobile Games Coming in 2020 and 2021

    The website TapTap held a 30-minute broadcast that showcased dozens of new games for Android and iOS. Games like: Devil May Cry, Komori Life, Torchlight: Infinite, My Time At Portia and more. Check out!

    Who would have thought that TapTap, the famous Chinese app store, would be one of the great sources of news in 2020. We have been following this site for a long time and it has become a real showcase for new oriental games that usually arrive in the west.

    See some of the games featured in the mini-event.

    Torchlight: Infinite

    Torchlight: Infinite is a Diablo-style RPG developed for Android and iOS. During the conference, producer Liu Heng announced that he hopes to release the game with 10 heroes. A small-scale test run for the game is expected to run in Spring 2021, exclusively for TapTap.

    Link TapTap:

    Genshin impact

    Genshin Impact is in the process of being released globally on PC, consoles and mobile. But guess what? Whoever downloads it on TapTap will play first. On site/a´´ there is a pre-registration campaign that already has 2 million registrations. Genshin Impact is already in testing globally and we should see this groundbreaking RPG in 2020.

    Link TapTap:

    Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat

    Finally news about this game. Developed since 2017, Pinnacle of Combat has been delayed to December 2019 with no release date. The developers appeared on the stream to demonstrate the improvements made to the game's combat system and a mysterious new antagonist. Will it go now? Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat is aimed at Chinese audiences, and is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2020 (October November or December).

    A new beta test of the game will start on July 27th. Pre-registration here (Chinese mobiles only):

    Link TapTap:

    Komori Life

    Komori Life is a beautiful life simulator with a “Studio Ghibli” look coming soon to Android and iOS. In it, you can grow plants, herd alpacas and even make insects battle. We learned during the conference that this will be moving towards mobile during Q2020 XNUMX, at least on TapTap.

    Link TapTap:

    Super animal royale

    Super Animal Royale is just what you imagined, a Battle Royale with animals. The game has already been released on PC and should be coming to mobile soon. The 2D visuals and simple and captivating gameplay dialogue with the frenetic combat. Grab your favorite pet and fall into the fire. The game is heading to TapTap in a closed beta that runs July 17-23. A full launch is expected in the fourth quarter of 2020.

    Link TapTap:

    And that's all for now. Watch the full conference in the video below:

    [In production, will be updated soon]

    Fonte: PocketGamer

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