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    T3 Arena is in pre-registration on Google play

    Contrary to XD Entertainment itself, which said that the game would not go to Google Play, T3 Arena arrives on the official Android app store.

    The game that is known for being a more colorful and cuddly Overwatch has arrived in pre-registration on Google Play. That doesn't change the fact that the game has already been released and you download it here.

    The reason for their backtracking is obvious. Google Play is the fastest and most convenient way for people to find out about a new game. In addition, the function of installing the game as soon as it is released for download is ideal for those who want to test the latest news.

    But the point is that T3 Arena has already been launched and even has servers in Latin America.

    What's the point of pre-registering a game you can play right now?

    The answer to that question is just one: “hype”!

    T3 Arena got off to a good start, but interest in the game waned a lot after it arrived on TapTap and the App Store.



    A “cute Overwatch”

    However, the game is far from being a flop. For a casual game, T3 Arena is doing very well. According to the Sensor Tower website, it is averaging 900 downloads and $700 in monthly revenue, and that's just on the iOS app store.

    Part of the success of T3 Arena comes precisely from the balance between casual and hardcore. The game doesn't try to be too competitive so as not to alienate players new to shooter games.

    With these numbers, T3 Arena is in serious danger of being elected a “Children's Overwatch”. Clearly focused on the younger audience, the game has no weapons and no realistic characters. The visuals are colorful and the gameplay is simple and addictive.



    Developer: XD Entertainment
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 5.0 / iOS 11.0
    Language: Spanish | Size: 2 GB

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