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    T3 Arena: a “cute and fast Overwatch” comes to Android

    T3 Arena is a third-person shooter with a cute look and good similarities with the PC franchise Overwatch. O game for cell phones has just been released on android in early access and has been very popular with players.

    Early access is global and will extend until the release of the iOS version on May 26th.

    With 3v3 battles and control scheme with automatic shooting option, T3 Arena is the typical casual shooter that, if it works, has a great chance to take off and top the list of Google Play and App Store.

    The accessible format, the lightness of the gameplay and also the size, help T3 Arena to have that mobile game face that fits perfectly, without looking too ambitious.

    With several heroes with unique abilities. The shooting game focuses on these skills while offering the option of automatic shooting. Of course this option can be changed in the T3 Arena settings.




    The famous T3 Arena attracts heroes of all types, from the notorious hacker Shell with his gauntlet drones to Victor, who attacks enemies with heavy attacks and kills them with his shotgun. Choose from a variety of original characters, enjoy their unique abilities and level up to strengthen your skills. As players move up the ranks, they unlock more heroes to play with.

    Compete in one of several online modes, from classic free-for-all team deathmatch to crystal attack, where each team works together to prevent their crystals from breaking. Not ready to join online player matches? Fight AI enemies offline to hone your skills. Regardless of which mode players choose, weapons will fire automatically to make matches more relaxing and perfect for players who want an easy pick up and play experience.

    Feature List:

    • 3-minute rounds for fast-paced fun.
    • Collect different heroes and level up to unlock unique skills.
    • Auto-firing weapons for relaxing yet competitive matches.
    • Play alone or as a team on voice chat for even stronger cooperation.
    Heroes list draws attention for its colorful look.

    Global release on Android


    Today, March 17th, the global launch of T3 Arena via Tap Tap takes place. Why only on Tap Tap? Because the company that created the game owns Tap Tap.

    The game is yes, officially released on Android. On May 26, it will be released on iOS and on that same date, the game should also arrive on Google Play.


    Developer: XD Entertainment
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.4 / IOS 10.0
    Language: Spanish | Size: 1 GB

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