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    Switch emulator for Android gets version with on-screen touch commands

    The long-awaited update has arrived. Nintendo Switch Emulator for Androidthe EGG NS. Version 3.0.3 added the long-awaited touchscreen support. In addition to supporting on-screen commands, the update lets you use other Bluetooth controls.

    With this, it is possible to emulator Nintendo Switch games on Android, without the need to buy a specific controller like the Game Sir X2 e Game Sir X3.

    But will it? Is there a prank there? Has!

    to play the EGG NS with on-screen commands, you need to be online and pay a monthly fee.

    The monthly fees for EGG NS to play with on-screen controls, or with controls other than the GameSir X2 and X3, are as follows:

    • $3,99 (value for one month)
    • US$ 11,99 (value for 3 months)
    • US$ 34,99 (value for 12 months)
    • $59,99 (value for 2 years)

    Remember that to play you must be connected to the internet.

    But calm down these values ​​do not apply to who owns the controls Game Sir X2 e Game Sir X3 (both with type C connector). Anyone who owns one of these controllers can play on EGG NS without having to pay a monthly fee or be connected to the internet. But the function with on-screen commands will be disabled.

    Those who don't want to pay or buy a controller to play, can send invitations to friends to gain VIP access to be able to play with touchscreen commands.

    Update log chance:

    2022.05.26 Egg NS Emulator 3.0.3 Update Log

    Added Egg NS touch version and also supports other controllers
    Added VIP activity. Invite friends can get free VIP for both sides to try Egg NS touchscreen
    Added group vote. Players can vote for their favorite group/channel owners to encourage them to create great content and answer more questions
    Added group/channel owner tag
    Group messages support delete, withdraw, quote reply and copy functions to optimize group user experience
    Added @ function in channel and unread message notification
    Fixed the button is Switch set after entering Egg NS with X3 type-c
    Optimized game interface rotation, which follows mobile screen rotation


    Where to download the emulator and more information: Official site

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