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    Switch emulator for Android gets major update

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    The news of Egg NS, the Nintendo Switch emulator for Android devices doesn't stop. After the 2.1.1 update, NX Studios took a big step forward with the 2.1.5 update. Among the novelties is the virtualization of drivers that brought more stability and speed to already compatible games.

    Who tells all this, is our narrator, João Batista in another video on his channel. See the video below.

    In the video, João explains that with the virtualization of video drivers, Egg NS does not need to wait for updates from manufacturers and can deliver stable performance on many different devices. Virtualization allows you to “update” video drivers without even waiting for manufacturers. But it is worth remembering that this “wonder of the modern hack” will only work on the emulator.

    Another novelty of the update is the possibility of using motion controls in the emulator. Before this was not possible. Also fixed some occlosion culling bugs.

    All these implementations result in a big jump in emulator performance. Egg NS can now run many games well at acceptable frame rates, close to 60 FPS. But it is worth remembering that this is only for games that are already compatible with the emulator.

    However, to take advantage of all these new features of Egg NS, the user is still obliged to buy a GameSir X2 controller. The app only works with this control. In addition, the user will still need a powerful smartphone, with Snapdragon 855 or higher.

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