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    Swing Copters: Update makes the game easier

    It seems like Dong Nguyen, game developer for Android e iOS, the author of Flappy bird, is concerned about the not-so-warm reception of his latest game, Swing copters. Extremely difficult, the new game received, in less than a week of release, its first update.

    Update 1.1 changes the initial gameplay of Swing Copters a bit. Now the response to the touch of the screen seems less random, the first obstacle is further away allowing the player to practice controlling the character. Also, the character moves more slowly. In short, the game just got a lot easier.

    Upgrading to version 1.1 is only available for iOS. However, it should arrive on Android later today. Dong Nguyen also reported on Twitter that the game's current record is 77 (swear? on Android there's always a cute hacker with three billion).

    課題 が 終 わ っ た 開放 感 に よ る も の な の か は 知 ら ん け ど swing copters

    — How is nihonzin doing? (@Leavesnihonzin) 22 agosto 2014

    Was the update a response to the game's reception? The game follows with a rating of less than 4 in both app stores. In case you haven't tortured yourself with Swing Copters, below are the links to download the “satanic” game. Swing Copters is free on Android and iOS.

    Link to download on Android

    Link to download on iOS

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