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    Survive Together: Gameloft's new zombie survival game

    Gameloft has started closed beta testing of its newest game, Survive Together. A survival MMO where the world is inhabited by zombies and monsters. The game is in testing on both Android and iOS.

    In Survival Together, your character is trapped in a world controlled by powerful witches. After escaping an initial threat, the protagonist and a companion are teleported to a world full of dangers.

    This is almost Gameloft's tenth zombie game. Recently, the company gave up on its MMO Dead Rivals, which has a theme almost identical to that of Survive Together. But the two games had only that in common: the theme.

    Gameloft's new game looks like an indie project the company has embraced, but the game is actually produced by Gameloft Montreal.

    Survive Together, despite the subtitle “Zombie MMO”, is more of a clone/inspired by Kefir's hit Last Day on Earth. So the game is more about survival than going into repetitive missions and competitive mode. The player needs to collect resources and build things.

    Gameloft's bet is to do exactly what no clone of this game has done right: the online mode. But without leaving the story aside. The game includes missions like “Raid”, where you have to team up with other players to defeat dangerous bosses.

    Seems interesting. One of the main problems of Last Day on Earth and other games of the genre is the absurd monetization. Will Gameloft take it easy on this issue? Let's wait for the release to see.

    Survive Together does not have a confirmed release date, but it will surely arrive soon and in Spanish on the Spanish app stores.

    Game link on the App Store (Philippines)

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