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    Supercell cancels game even before global launch

    Getting a new hit game on the mobile market isn't easy, not even for Supercell. The company known for very famous games like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, is deactivating the servers of its newest game, Everdale, even before it was released globally.

    Everdale, for those who didn't know, was a city-building game with a casual feel, but also focused on cooperative. Something a little “farm”, where the goal was to relax and share items with friends.

    The game spent a lot of time in soft launch in other countries under a different name. It was almost a full year of beta testing before cancellation. Not even renaming the game, and releasing it in some countries, did not guarantee the game's survival.

    According to the website TouchArcade, Supercell has a very “Valve” feel to it. In other words, they test a game a lot until it has that “special sauce” that guarantees success for sure. That's why the company has been dragging out the launch of games like Clash Mini e ClashQuest.

    The mobile game market is ultra-competitive. Just releasing the game is no guarantee of success and many heavyweight titles like Naruto slugfest e Marvel Realms of Champions failed on mobile.

    It is for these and other reasons that heavyweight games like Devil May Cry and many others keep delaying and delaying to have a global launch.

    Returning to Everdale, in-app purchases have already been disabled, but the game's servers will only shut down on October 31st. Players who made in-game purchases will be able to transfer game resources to other Supercell games (Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Hay Day, Boom Beach, and Brawl Stars). A really cool move by Supercell to somehow alleviate this little stumbling block.

    However, looking at the gameplays, Everdale didn't look like such a bad game. But apparently, it wasn't up to the acceptable standard for Supercell.


    Font: TouchArcade

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