Super Mario Run: Mario Game for Android and iOS Appears in iPhone 7 Presentation

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For this one, no one expected. Apple's keynote for the presentation of the iPhone 7 started off on the right foot. During the event, Super Mario Run, the first official Mario game for iOS, was presented. Who took the stage to present the news was none other than the creator of the character Shigeru Miyamoto.

The presentation started well with Tim Cook showing the numbers of Apple's platform, which is, along with Android, one of the biggest gaming platforms of all time. There are currently over 500 games for iOS.

Shortly after presenting the numbers, Tim Cook called on none other than Shigeru Miyamoto. He presented game Super Mario Run. A runner game, which is played vertically, and which has gameplay very similar to that of Rayman Fiesta Run and Jungle Run. In addition to missions and stages to complete, the game has competitive multiplayer, where players can compete to see who has the best time in stages.

During the presentation, Shigeru Miyamoto made it clear that Super Mario Run will arrive “first” on iOS, implying that the game will also be available soon for Android.

– [Updated] Super Mario Run is not Endless Runner

Super Mario Run has already received its download page on the App Store. It is possible to “register” to be notified when the game is released (just like Google Play). Just access this link, and tap “Warn”.

The game's download page also delivers what the gameplay will be like. Super Mario Run will not be an Endless Runner game. It will have stages, bosses and three game modes. A campaign mode, with limited stages. The second mode focuses on competition between two players. The last mode is for creating and sharing phases.

Super Mario Run is now available as “Coming Soon” on iOS. Link to register and be notified when the game arrives:

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