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    Super Mario Run: game suffers an avalanche of negative reviews on the App Store

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    From the most anticipated game of the year, to a disaster. This is the current trajectory of Super Mario Run on the App Store. The game is rated 2.5 (out of 5 stars) according to iPhone and iPad users' own ratings.

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    Super Mario Run still ranks as the most downloaded game and in the “most profitable top”, but it seems that the fever for the mustachioed plumber will quickly disappear, just as it did with Pokémon GO.

    Even being the record holder of downloads and billing in the shortest possible time, many users are discovering something that we have already commented here, the game has little content and that does not justify the purchase of US$ 9,99.

    Super Mario Run seems to have broken another record. The record of being considered a disappointment in the shortest amount of time.

    The Super Mario Run debacle also highlights the makeup in game reviews on the App Store, which always puts positive reviews first. Currently, the game has 27.570 reviews of just 1 star, against 15.544 of 5 stars.

    There is no lack of criticism from users of the jump system that does almost everything by itself, the low number of stages, the high price and the crashes that are frequent in several iPhone models.

    Will this be the fate of every Nintendo launch on cell phones? A high expectation that will result in disappointment? Leave a comment.

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