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    Summoners Wars Chronicles starts beta test, see the gameplay!

    Summoners Wars Chronicles is a new MMORPG that will have NFT and “play to earn”. Authored by Com2uS, the mobile game is in beta testing in Thailand.

    Summoners Wars Chronicles to Android e iOS is awaited not only by players looking for a good open world game, but also by those looking for a game with the “play to win”.

    With colorful visuals, auto-quest gameplay, but no auto-battles (at least for now), Summoners Wars Chronicles feels more like a traditional MMORPG.

    The game looks very well produced with beautiful cinematics and an interesting backstory. But in terms of gameplay, don't expect anything other than the thousands of MMORPGs that already exist on mobile.

    That would be enough to doom the game. But the possibility of earning real money by playing can keep a lot of people in the game, and give it a survival, as happened with MIR4.

    In addition, they work in favor of Summoners Wars Chronicles, the balance between beautiful visuals, anime characters and compatibility with weaker smartphones.

    Check out the Mike Fringe channel gameplay:

    This is the first beta test for Summoners Wars Chronicles and there will likely be more. The game looks literally ready, with everything you would expect from a game of this type already well defined. I believe that Com2Us is just waiting for a good release window.

    Want to test the game? Download the APK and use a VPN in Thailand to play.


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