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    Subway Surfers 2? Subway Surfers Tag fails to be a worthy sequel

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    Subway Surfers sequel disappoints and is the most boring game on Apple Arcade.

    Subway Surfers Tag is an iOS and Mac exclusive game that was released by Sybo Games in partnership with Apple. The title arrived on iPhone, iPad and Macs in July of this year.

    However, because it doesn't have an Android version, many people don't even know that Subway Surfers Tag exists. And worse, there are many people eager to play this game thinking it is a sequel worthy of the original game.

    But if you've heard that Subway Surfers Tag is awesome, I think you better get out of this review now.


    How is the gameplay of Subway Surfers Tag

    Unlike Subway Surfers, Tag isn't exactly an endless runner. Well, yes it is, but in a different way.

    The 3D action game consists of skateboarding in stages in an environment with an isometric view. The player needs to fulfill objectives and try to get the highest score possible.

    This is the crucial point of the game, as its gameplay has a direct impact on the player's impression.

    Instead of a sense of urgency with a policeman on his tail, in Tag we face robotic enemies in a small arena (the policeman appears only further away).

    The player needs to shoot paint at enemies while collecting energy for his flying skateboard.

    The concept sounds interesting, but the execution isn't that great.




    What's so bad about the game?

    The movement is slow and there is little feeling of “danger”. Enemies don't "defeat" you by knocking the player down, but by stealing energy from your skateboard and forcing you to play again.

    The big problem with this game is that it just doesn't give you any sense of urgency or reward. None of these at acceptable levels to encourage you to keep playing. Unlike the original, there are no incentives to try to advance in the adventure. There is no boss or a drastic change of scenery.

    In case you don't remember the original Subway Surfers, the game has several mechanics that completely change the gameplay. In Tag these changes are minimal and this completely erases the feeling of progression.

    So, as much as it is based on a “hobby” game, Subway Surfers Tag didn't give me the interest to keep playing until the end (Yes, this one has an ending).


    When will Subway Surfers Tag arrive on Android?

    Subway Surfers Tag was developed to be an exclusive game for Apple Arcade. So there is no forecast of an Android release. In fact, it's easier for the game to come out to PC or consoles than it is to come to Android. That's what happened with Oceanhorn 2, another Apple Arcade exclusive that many fans have been waiting for on Android.


    Is Subway Surfers Tag good?

    In my personal opinion, Subway Surfers Tag is not a good game, it's just average.

    Look at an example, take the name “Subway Surfers” out of it and see that it's a lot less interesting than it looks.

    The movement is slow, the mechanics of fighting enemies is not that fun.

    Maybe it's an interesting game for kids to play on Apple TV, for example, but on the iPhone it's not that interesting. Even for Apple TV, it lacks a feature that would make the game more fun, see the topic below.

    As it is, this is a game that would easily fall into oblivion. As it actually happened, and many people see an art of this game and think it is a “Subway Surfers 2” that is in development.


    Could be better?

    I don't like to say how a game should be, because at the end of the day, I analyze a game for what it is, not what it should be. But I will make an exception for Subway Surfers Go.

    It only takes a little play to realize that this game, which I suspect Sybo Games has done with the greatest ill will in the world, would be much better if it had a multiplayer. Just imagine shooting paint at opponents while dodging robots, while trying to collect batteries for your flying skateboard.

    In my opinion, Subway Surfers Tag misses the golden chance of being a mobile version of Splatoon.



    Note 6 / 10


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