Star Wars: Rivals Canceled Before Official Launch

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Introduced to the public in closed beta in June 2017, Star Wars: Rivals is officially cancelled! The “ax” was given even before the global launch of the game, which had been delayed since the beginning of 2018.

No reason was given for the sudden cancellation, although user reviews strongly criticized the microtransactions featured in Rivals and the game's repetitive genre.

In a new post on the official Star Wars website, it was announced that Star Wars: Rivals will end on October 11, 2018. The game was in soft launch in some countries.

The game was a “cover shooter” with solo missions, but its main element was the online VS multiplayer. Players could recruit two Star Wars characters.

Rivals is already unavailable on the Google Play Store, and the Star Wars website has made it clear that there will be no refunds for players who have already downloaded and purchased items through the service. Another example of what happens when service-based games suddenly disappear (we'll get to that shortly, how most companies think of games as a service rather than a work to be delivered).

The Star Wars brand has already encountered problems with microtransactions and monetization, such as in the most recent controversy involving Battlefront II for PC and consoles. But it's not the first time that a Star Wars game "flops", Kabam has already suffered a failure with Star Wars Uprising, which was a good RPG.

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