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    Star Wars, Fatal Fury and more: Android games on sale

    Are you looking for good opportunities to “buy” your Google Play balance? So get ready, because this week is packed with games with incredible discounts. The highlights are Star Wars: Kotor, an incredible RPG, and Fatal Fury Special, a fighting game that even has OFFLINE multiplayer (via Bluetooth). Good shopping.

    Star Wars: KOTOR (R$ 12,99)

    Star Wars: KOTOR is a port of the popular PC game. Following the role playing genre, the game was created at the time by the same producers of Mass Effect. The mobile version does not require internet to play and a vast open world RPG with infinite possibilities. In addition to being OFFLINE, the mobile version still supports bluetooth controls (such as Ípega).

    Link to Download on Google Play

    The Room Three (R$ 6,99)

    The Room Three is a Puzzle game that mixes dark scenarios with a macabre story. You will have to unravel mysteries to try to escape a psychological trap set by the “architect”. A lot of tension in a game with brilliant visuals and fascinating puzzles. Other The Room games are also on sale on Google Play.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Goat Simulator e Goat Simulator GoatZ (R$ 5,99)

    Goat Simulator games are on sale on Android. In Goat Simulator and Goat Simulator GoatZ, the goal is simply to go around making the biggest fuss. The Goat Simulator games have another interesting element: they earn a lot of points on Google Play Games. So if you want to upgrade your account, this is a good option.

    Link to Download Goat Simulator on Google Play

    Link to Download Goat Simulator Goatz on Google Play

    Rayman Classic (R$ 2,99)

    The classic, and extremely difficult original Rayman game is on sale on Android. In this game, players will take a magical trip to the 90s and see what platform games were like at that time. Prepare the chamomile tea, because this game is very difficult.

    Link to Download Rayman Classic on Google Play

    GTA San Andreas, GTA III, GTA Chinatown Wars (R$ 9,99 e R$ 7,19)

    Grand Thef Auto games are on sale on Android. From the supreme classic San Andreas, to the little played Chinatown Wars, players will be able to enjoy the premium quality of Rock Star titles, and all at a friendly price.

    Link to Download GTA San Andreas on Google Play

    Link to Download GTA III on Google Play

    Link to Download GTA Chinatown Wars on Google Play

    Terraria (BRL 6,49)

    Known as “Minecraft 2D” Terraria is a PC classic that is also a huge hit on smartphones. The Android version is at a super discount. In terraria, the objective is to explore the world and get resources to survive.

    Link to Download Terraria on Google Play

    Fatal Fury Special (R$ 3,79)

    Fatal Fury Special is another conversion of the classic arcade game straight to Android. The mobile version features multiplayer via Bluetooth. Then register your friend in the “Family Library” and take an X1 with him.

    Link to Download Fatal Fury Special on Google Play

    Other games on sale:

    • Never Alone: Ki Edition (R$ 6,79)
    • Minecraft Story Mode (R$ 6,49)
    • DuckTales (R$ 6,80)
    • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (R$ 4,99)
    • Braveland (R$0,99)
    • Braveland Wizard (R$ 0,99)
    • Ravensword: Shadownlands (R$ 6,49)
    • Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee (R$ 0,40)
    • Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath (R$ 3,19)
    • Munin (R$ 3,59)
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