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    Spiritfarer comes to cell phones thanks to Netflix

    Spiritfarer is an indie game that was released for video games and PC in 2020, and developed by the Thunder Lotus studio. But thanks to Netflix, mobile gamers will be able to enjoy this game more. Spiritfarer arrived today (5) and It is now available on Google Play and App Store.



    Spiritfarer, what game is this?

    In Spiritfarer , we control Stella, a young sailing girl whose job is to take spirits to the afterlife. Her mission will be to build a boat and explore this strange fantastic world where it is possible to make friends with souls and comfort those who have already left this for a better one.

    With a very peculiar design, Spiritfarer looks like a mixture of anime and animation from Cartoon Network. The visual part of the game is very beautiful, with a fluid look and beautiful animations.

    This mixture of strategy and adventure, draws attention, especially for those looking for a different game, with a narrative that is more calm, but at the same time deep.

    A game that marries very well with Netflix Games' proposal, which is to bet on games more focused on history.

    Like other Netflix Games, Spiritfarer is in Spanish and completely offline, you only need to log in once with your Netflix account.

    Watch the trailer for Spiritfarer:


    Netflix continues its proposal to reinforce its bet on mobile games. Its games are light and run well on most smartphones. However, the company has already announced that it will invest in AAA games as well.

    To play Spiritfarer, like other games from Netflix Games, you must have a streaming service account.



    Developer: Netflix
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: No
    Requires Android 4.4 / iOS 10.0
    Language: Spanish | Size: 300MB

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