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    Soul Land: Soul Master Duel is another Chinese RPG with impressive visuals, check it out!

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    In the world of Chinese games available on the Tap Tap website, there is always an option that shows the full potential of mobile graphics and gameplay. The game that we are going to present today is another demonstration of the power of the studios in that region and presents fascinating stories and characters.

    Developed by 37鎵嬫父 (37 mobile games, in free translation) and provided by Khorgas Zhifan Network Technology, Soul Land: Soul Master is a 3D RPG based on the Douluo Continent animation by Sparkly Key Animation Studio placed by the developers as a true to work game. original.

    The game revolves around the original animation story, where players freely explore the continent of Doulou, with real-time weather systems. In addition to exploration, the player also aims to hunt the beast of souls located in the Great Star Duo Forest, by killing him you can absorb the Spirit Ring.

    Check out a gameplay:


    Soul Land: Soul Master has already been officially released for both IOS on the App Store and for Android on TapTap. At the apple store, 87.000 players rated the game, which had a final average of 4,5 stars. Meanwhile, on TapTap's website, Soul Land scored an 8,7 with 782 reviews.

    iOS devices require a device running iOS 10.0 or higher, iPads require iPadOS 10.0 or higher, and Macs need macOS 11.0 or higher and an Apple M1 chip. On Android there is no information about requirements.

    The game is online, weighs 4,11 GB and its only available language so far is simplified Chinese.


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