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    Sonic Mania gets an APK port for Android

    The world of unofficial game port ports is really surprising. After Fallout 2, it was time to Sonic Mania receive an unofficial port to Android.

    The Sonic Mania port came exactly a few hours after a user ported the same game to PlayStation Vita. It seems that the similarities between processors of the ARM architecture, used in laptops and smartphones are so great, that the port for Android was revealed in a short time.

    Notice: This is not a fan-made game, the port interprets data directly from the official PC version of the game. That's why you'll have to have the PC version of Sonic Mania to be able to play it on Android.


    How was the Sonic Mania port process

    Sonic Mania was actually decompiled, the author of the feat that reverse-engineered the game is the same one who did the process in games like The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Mario 64.

    It is worth remembering that decompile a game does not mean piracy, since to play on other platforms, you will still need the original game.


    How to play Sonic Mania on Android

    To get Sonic Mania on Android, you'll need the original game files on your PC version. Sonic Mania is available on stores like Steam.

    The process will require an Android Studio computer for you to be able to decompile and “recompile” the game into a format that the RSDK can read.

    Clone the repository and install the dependencies listed below

    Make sure the symlinks in [root]/android/app/jni are correct:

    RSDKv5 -> RSDKv5 repository root

    Game -> root of Mania repository (or whatever game you are compiling)

    Extra symlinks can be added for things like mods as mods don't use the local files for logic. Just make sure there is an file in their root.

    (to add symlinks use the following:)

    Windows: mklink /D “symlink name” “[path]”

    Linux: ln -s “symlink-name” “[path]”

    Open [root]/android/ in Android Studio, install the NDK and everything it asks for and compile.

    The working directory will be at [sdcard root]/RSDK/v5. Note that GL shaders are required or you will get a black screen. See the shaders README for more details.

    At the end of this process, the file “Data.rsdk” will be generated, which is precisely the decompiled data files of the Sonic Mania game.

    After that, just throw the file in the RSDK folder and run the application from it.

    It is worth remembering that this decompiled game works best on smartphones with a Snapdragon processor. On some cell phones the screen will be black and so far, there is nothing that can be done.

    But if you see the SEGA logo, it's a sign that the game worked.

    This port of Sonic Mania, supports touch controls on the screen, which you configure the first time you use it. However, it also supports Bluetooth and USB controllers, which I consider the best way to play this type of game.

    Port project link:

    Link do RSDK + Mania APK

    Here's a video of the game running on Android:


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