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    Someone ported Spelunky Classic HD to Android! Download for free!

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    Spelunky is a standalone game created by Derek Yu that features procedurally generated levels. A hugely successful game on PC and Xbox 360 that has just been ported to Android.

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    Is this piracy? No way. Derek Yu posted Spelunky's code to the community in free software form. The game was permanently free on PC (not Steam) and ported versions can be distributed for free.

    In Spelunky, you play as the “spelunker” (“speleologist” in literal translation), the objective is to dig in caves to collect treasures and save damsels in distress. It is an absurdly difficult game and on mobile phones promises to be even more challenging.

    Despite having procedurally created stages (each time you play, the game changes) Spelunky has several bosses.

    Android version information.

    Port made in GameMaker 8.1 by Darius Kazemi and YoYo Games.

    The source code was published in Humble Weekly Bundle: Play and Create with GameMaker.

    Things the Android version programmer implemented:

    Support for different aspect ratios (originally 4:3 only)
    Touch input support (mobile devices)
    Support for translations
    Russian translation


    Gamepads not supported
    On Android, only touch input is supported
    There are bugs! Maybe even critical errors…

    Link to Download the APK

    To download click on “Download now” and choose the option “No thanks, just take me to the downloads”. Then click download on the first button in the list to download the English version.

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