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    Smilegate brings CrossFire Mobile to Google Play under another name

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    Smilegate Megaport is the company responsible for creating CrossFire (Tencent is just a publisher). In 2015, Smilegate created the Stove platform, and this week it is already testing CrossFire Mobile on Google Play. The game is still entirely in Korean, but it is already a sign that the game may be released in the West.

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    The game is the same that was released in China with the name of Crossfire Mobile. But on Google Play, the game appears as 탄: 끝없는 전장 (Tan: Endless War). It may just be a nickname used by the producer to prevent people from finding the game by its real name.

    In soft launch only in South Korea, CrossFire Mobile (the Google Play version), the game does not allow players from other countries to download or play. But if you have a VPN pointed to South Korea, you can play the game.

    – But is it CrossFire Mobile 2? New Crossfire?

    A question that has arisen on the internet is whether this game is new or just the same game as before, released only in China by Tencent. Well, as you can see in the video above, it's exactly the same game released two years ago.

    For those who don't know, CrossFire Mobile follows the line of light shooters. It's a game with good graphics, but it also runs smoothly even on entry-level phones. The player can face missions alone, in cooperative mode (learn Gameloft) or face other players in the famous deathmatch.

    Just like the PC version, CrossFire Mobile has zombie modes, infection, weapon variation modes and much more. It's the typical online FPS focused on fun, with fast and electrifying matches.

    So just to reinforce that there is no mistake, 탄: 끝없는 전장 (Tan: Endless War) is the same as CrossFire Mobile. The producer must have renamed the game so that the soft launch doesn't overload the server, and they can check the data as best they can.

    Game link on Google Play

    Game link in APK Pure (region locked)

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